Vehicle Tracking

From ProStar Geocorp

The Vehicle Tracking system in TransparentEarth is used to locate the position of vehicles used by Employees. TransparentEarth is able to display tracked vehicles by region and will indicate if the vehicle is moving or still. If the vehicle is moving, the tracking system indicates the direction of travel and will update periodically to display a real-time position.


Using Vehicle Tracking

  1. Log in to Transparent Earth. 
  2. From the main tool bar at the top of the window, click the Layers icon (far right) 
  3. From the open Layer panel, locate and click Vehicle Tracking
    The GFI Systems layers are listed and available for selection. 
  4. Click the check box next to the Region you wish to view (see image above). 
    You can select one region or many regions. 
    However, as you zoom in closer to the applicable region, other regions will not be visible. As you zoom closer to a specific vehicle or set of vehicles, you will enable the Motion Tracking feature. If you have many regions selected, you could slow the system down. It is recommended that you only select the one region in which you are working.
  5.  After selecting desired region, the map displays a vehicle icon for each vehicle being tracked within that region. 
    If the icon is flashing, the vehicle is moving, otherwise the vehicle is stationary. The arrow points the direction that the vehicle is facing.
  6.  Hovering your mouse cursor over the icon will display a popup window with basic vehicle data. 
    This data includes: Unit Name, Region, Business Unit, Alias and a time Stamp. 
  7. To see more information about the vehicle, click the View Attribute Information button in the main toolbar. 
  8. Click the vehicle icon on the map. 
    The information in the Info dialog box displays and includes the following information: 
  9. In order to see real-time positions of moving vehicles, zoom closer into the map and the applicable vehicle icon. 
    With the Vehicle Tracking layer on, Transparent Earth will active the motion tracking feature once you zoom in close enough. 
    When this feature is activated the user will see the motion tracking icon on the map in the center of the screen, just below the top dashboard, and the vehicle name will appear under the vehicle icon 

    NOTE: The TransparentEarth system displays vehicles moving every five (5) seconds. However, the system GFI data feed sometimes only sends information every 20 seconds. Sometimes you will not see the flashing icons actually moving every five (5) seconds. There could be a 20 second delay for some vehicles.