Using Trimble Catalyst w/ a Base

From ProStar Geocorp


This section covers how to connect to a Trimble SPS855 base over the internet with a Trimble Catalyst DA-1 antenna.

IMPORTANT: You cannot use the Catalyst Free subscription to connect to a base. You must at least have a paid version of Catalyst. If you see a constant 6ft x 6ft (2m x 2m) accuracy in PointMan, it means you are on the Catalyst Free subscription and must upgrade to a paid plan (see below).

Catalyst Subscription Options

These can be purchased and added to your Trimble Connect account.

1-2 Meters: $40/month
< 1 Meter: $120/month
0.1 Meter: $200/month
< 2cm: $350/month
Pool of Hours: $100 for 10 hours

Setting Up The Trimble Base

1. On your Trimble base (usually an SPS855 or equivalent), turn on the RTCM3 protocol so that the unit broadcasts both CMR and RTCM at the same time.

2. Make sure the base is set to broadcast over the internet in addition to radio.

Setting Up Your Tablet

IMPORTANT: A hotspot will NOT work in most cases as the bandwidth gets cut in half by the carrier (Verizon, etc.). We recommend you install a SIM card in your Android tablet or use your Android phone.

1. Make sure your tablet/phone is Android

2. Install Trimble Mobile Manager from the Google Play Store

3. Sign into Trimble Mobile Manager with your Trimble Connect account. NOTE: This is where you need a paid Catalyst subscription.

4. Make sure the slider is turned OFF to connect to Catalyst inside Trimble Mobile Manager (PointMan will do this).

5. Go back to the Google Play Store and install Trimble Catalyst Service.

Setting Up PointMan

1. Go to Menu -> Settings

2. Scroll down to the GPS section and tap Edit next to the "Diff" option.

3. Tap New

4. Add your login credentials to connect to your Trimble base (make sure they are correct and case-sensitive). Tap the grey refresh button at the bottom. Getting a list of mount points will tell you that your Server and Port numbers are correct.

5. Once you have mount points, select your Trimble base and tap the TEST button. If you get anything other than "OK", something is wrong with either your credentials or you have poor cell service. Remember, you generally cannot use a hotspot to connect to a Trimble base wth Catalyst even though R-Series and SPS units will work. Catalyst is different.

6. Once everything tests OK, save and return to the settings page.

7. Tap the "Diff" dropdown and select your Trimble base

8. Tap Close to save changes and leave the settings page.

Setting Up Your Catalyst Antenna

1. Plug your Catalyst DA-1 into your phone/tablet. This powers it and sends data to the tablet.

2. Open the PointMan settings and tap the GPS dropdown.

3. Select Catalyst DA-1

4. Tap Close to save changes and return to the map.

Testing the Connection

1. On the map display, tap the arrow on the lower left corner to test your accuracy. IMPORTANT: This is where your subscription will dictate the level of accuracy you should see. If you have questions, call (970)319-8025