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The My Notifications module, found at the bottom of the left side dashboard, allows you to track what Operation Maintenance Forms, Operation Maintenance Features, Pigging Reports and Leak Reports Patrol Observations and Communications Tickets and Logs have been assigned to you for review and/or action.


With Operation Maintenance forms, Pigging Reports and Leak Reports, Patrol Observations and Issues, and OROC Tickets and Logs, depending upon the status (or life cycle) of the form, users will receive an Email indicating that the form needs review and/or action. For more details on status and form life cycle, see the Form Status Rules topic.

For Operation Maintenance Features (Valves, Points, Lines, Comments, etc), the GIS administrator will receive an Email indicating that the Feature is ready for review.

In addition, a task will display in the My Notifications window.



Using the My Notifications window:

  1. If you have received an Email notification from the TransparentEarth system noting that you have an item ready for review: 
    In the left side dashboard, click My Notifications
    The My Notifications window displays:
  2. To go directly to the record for the form or report double-click the record.
  3. The Operation Maintenance window, Pigging Report, or Leak Report Patrol or OROC item displays and is available for review and edit/action. For more details on status and form life cycle, see the Form Status Rules topic. For details on editing the Operation Maintenance window, see the Editing Existing Operations and Maintenance Forms topic.
  4. Review the report, and update the Status (or the data) as necessary.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click Yes at the first confirmation prompt.
  7. Click OK at the second confirmation prompt.
  8. Click Close to close the Operation Maintenance window.
  9. If your actions are complete and you no longer want to track that task, click the Delete button for that record
    Or, leave the record as is so that you can review that document again.
  10. Click Close at the bottom of the My Notifications window to close the window. 

    The My Notifications window displays records from newest to oldest, based on the Notification Create Date (the moment the form was moved into the applicable status).