Trimble R10 & SPS985 Receiver Integration

From ProStar Geocorp


This section covers how to connect a Trimble receiver to PointMan. Note: At this time, only R10 and SPS985 receivers are supported.

IMPMORTANT: You need to use a sim card on the tablet you have PointMan loaded on.

A) Pairing with the Trimble Receiver

1. In PointMan, tap the menu button on the top left corner and then tap Settings

2. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and turn on the checkbox labeled "Force cellular connection" under the Metric/Imperial dropdown box

3. Power on the Trimble Recevier

4. Pair to the receiver via your Android Bluetooth menu. Enter "0000" for the pairing code.

5. Connect to the Trimble wifi in your Android settings menu. Note: If the Android system indicates that Internet may not be available, tap dismiss as this is normal.

B) Setting Up Your Android Connection

4. Open the "Google Chrome" app on your device and navigate to

5. Login using admin and password for your credentials

6. Once the page says OK, tap the icon in the upper right corner and then tap IO Configuration

7. Tap Port Configuration

8. In the dropdown, select Bluetooth 1 and NMEA

IMPORTANT: Make sure ALL of the below items are added.

  • GGA @ 1Hz
  • GSA @ 1Hz
  • GST @ 1 Hz
  • ZDA @ 1 Hz
  • VTG @ 1Hz

10. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap OK.

IMPORTANT: keep this window open at all times.

C) Preparing For Locate

1. On the Trimble TSC3 data collector, tap General Survey.

2. Tap Measure.

3. Tap the name of the network that is saved for your device (i.e. R10_VRS)

4. Tap Measure points.

5. If both connections are still active, the TSC3 data collector will begin the connection automatically. Once the connection is made to both the VRS network and the Trimble GPS receiver, you will see Horizontal and Vertical accuracy measurements at the bottom of the TSC3 screen. Once you see this, proceed to step E).

D) Using Trimble in PointMan

1. Open the PointMan application. Once logged in, Tap the Menu in the upper left corner and then tap Settings

2. Under Device, for GPS select the name of the Trimble unit you paired with. Tap Close.

3. Tap New in the upper right corner of PointMan, select a feature and tap OK. Note you should see accuracy being reported on the top right corner of PointMan.

4. Tap the GPS button if it is not highlighted. 

5. Tap Finish to complete the locate. To verify that RTK was used, tap Details on the feature. The Fix Type should say RTK.