Trimble Catalyst (DA-1 Antenna) Integration (Android)

From ProStar Geocorp


This section covers how to connect and use the Trimble Catalyst antenna (Trimble DA-1) with PointMan

Install Procedure

Note: Catalyst and the DA-1 Antenna is currently only supported on Android

1. Open the Google Play Store app on your device and install the following 2 apps:

      - Trimble Mobile Manager
      - Trimble Catalyst Service

2. Ensure that you have PointMan version or higher

3. Open Trimble Mobile Manager and sign up or sign in. You will need to create/use  a Trimble account, even if you don't use Catalyst subscriptions

Note: DO NOT start the Catalyst service inside Trimble Mobile Manager. PointMan will do this for you.

Note: Any user settings that the user selects in Trimble Mobile Manager such as Geoid, datum, antenna height will NOT be used in PointMan. If you want to use that you should use the settings in PointMan instead.

4. Once you are logged in, verify your Catalyst subscription level.

PointMan Procedure

1. Open PointMan and log in. Once logged in, enter a project.

2. Plug in the Trimble DA-1 antenna into your devices charging port. Make sure to allow USB connections when prompted. There may be a few.

3. Tap on the top left corner of the PointMan screen to open the menu. Tap Settings.

4. Under the Devices section, tap the GPS dropdown and select Trimble DA-1

5. Type in your antenna height. Note: You can change the unit of measure at the bottom of the Settings page in PointMan

6. If you are using Trimble RTX:

      - Tap the Diff edit button and select Catalyst. This will pull your RTX license/subscription into PointMan from Trimble Mobile Manager

7. If you are using a VRS:

    - Tap the Diff edit button and add your VRS login credentials

8.  If you have neither of these:

    - Leave Diff set to None

Performing a Locate with Catalyst

1. Tap the New button on the top right corner of the PointMan main screen

2. Select the feature you wish to collect and tap OK.

3. On the bottom black toolbar, tap GPS. Your catalyst should pull in automatically and you will be able to see the accuracy and the fix type in the top right corner in the black box. If you do not see a black box, tap the GPS button to turn it off and turn it back on. This will refresh the GPS position stream coming into PointMan.

4. Perform the locate and/or collect the data like you normally would. 

5. Once finished, tap Details (points) or Pedigree (lines) to see that Catalyst is the GPS Reciver used. This attribute will be exported with the rest of the attributes in the data.