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Transparent Earth












Administration and Module Dashboard

Personal Settings

Search and Results Dashboard Main Toolbar

Main Toolbar

Module Toolbars

Layer Panel

User Layer Imports

Map Services

Markup Tools

Linear Referencing



User Permissions

Responsibility Areas

Lookup Table Manager

Obeservation Segment Tool

Data Dictionary


Quick Search

Quick Search




Inspection Reports

Inspection eForms

Public Awarerness eForm


Operation Maintenance

Process Guide

Quick Reference Guide

Operation Maintenance Section A

Operation Maintenance Section B

Operation Maintenance Section C

Operation Maintenance Section D

Operation Maintenance Section E

Operation Maintenance Section F

Operation Maintenance Section G

Operation Maintenance Section H

Operation Maintenance Section I

Status and Attached Douments

Searching for Operations Maintinence Forms

Editing Existing Operations Maintinence Forms

Creating Features

Pigging Report

Leak Report

Form Status Ruels and Email Notifications



Field Data Collection

Field Data Collection

Locate eForms



My Calandar and Reminders



My Notifications

Using My Notifications


Spatial Filter

Spatial Map Filter

Spatial Query Filter



About Patrols

Patrol ROW Segment Manager

Responsibility Areas

Create Patrol Report

Patrols - Missing Sections

Patrols - Observations

Patrols - Searching for Patrols, Missing Sections & Observations

Patrols - Reports


PointMan Tools

PointMan Tools Overview

Creating Points

Creating Lines

Creating Polygons

Creating eForms


Google Integration

Google Street View

Google Directions

Google Maps Geocode

Google Maps Reverse Geocode

Google Elevation Profile


One Call

One Call

One Call Responsibility Area Notifications


Creating Locate eForms Within TransparentEarth

Land Projects

Land - Land Project Configuration


Land - Preliminary Land Acquisition Budget


Land - Land Company and Agent Tract Assignment


Land - Land/Project Record of Contact eForm


Land - Land Document Template Management


Land - Land Document Template Creation


Land - Land Acquisition Document Template Creation


Land - Funds Request for Landowner Payments

Land - Funds Request for Landowner Payments


Land - Funds Requests Approval Process

Land - Funds Requests Approval Process


Land - Landowner Payment Status Update Process

Land - Landowner Payment Status Update Process


Land - Supplemental Land Contact Log

Land - Supplemental Land Contact Log


Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking



Job Progress & Billing

Quantity Tracking