Transfer License to a New Device

From ProStar Geocorp

This section covers transferring your existing standalone license to a different tablet. NOTE: Transparent Earth users can disregard this section.

You can transfer your local PointMan license to different devices.  There are a few methods to accomplish this, all with accompanying degrees of ease. These are listed from easiest/least successful to hardest/most successful. Do each one in order. If the license will not transfer, call PointMan Support at (970)683-5530

To Transfer a Local License

  1. On your new tablet, install PointMan via the Google Play Store. Once you see the login screen in the PointMan app, Tap "Add Local Account for Standalone Use". Use the same username and email and it should pull your project data across.  You must be connected to cell data or wifi when logging into the new install.

    If your data isn't there on the new device/version,
  2. Back up your project data to Google Drive or another file storage system by the Send Project function.  This can be done through the Send Project function, or just zooming out until all data is in the map view and manually selecting any feature, tapping Send, then tapping the Show More button until the list is fully populated, then tapping Check All to select every feature and sending the same way as a single feature.  If you can't backup, don't worry as the next step is to manually copy the cache folder.
  3. Open the "My Files" app on your Android tablet, tap internal storage and then tap the PointManTE21 folder. Copy or email the "Cache" folder to yourself.  You will need to paste/install it into the new device in the same folder location (once PointMan is installed)
  4. Your new install should now find your project data.  PointMan will look to first the license server, and then the local file structure for that cache folder when you login and load any data into the new install.
  5. Once you have successfully logged in, you should see your projects, if you don't see your projects, or you have an expired account, call PointMan Support at (970)683-5530 or email us at and we will transfer your license over to the new tablet.