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This section outlines the process of entering Time Card information into PointMan. It covers topics such as Daily Workflow, Start and Stop times, Job, Supervisor, Work Type, Equipment, Per Diem, Welder Rig and Truck Operator information on a task by task basis. Use this document as a business workflow guide as well as a quick-reference for how to work within the Time Card application.

NOTE: This is for Transparent Earth users only.

There are multiple processes outlined in this document:

  • Automatic Clock In/Out:  Letting the clock automatically calculate the hours worked 
  • Manual Clock In/Out: Create a New time entry record and manually select the start and stop times. Used for logging time for multiple tasks per day and for logging time for days missed (in the past or in the future 
  • Combined “Switch” Automatic/Manual Clock In/Out: Used to end one task and start a new task at the same time. 
  • Submitting Time:  Must be completed at the end of each day and/or week. 
  • Other Procedures:  Quick reference for how to use various search features, time selection features, entering time while “offline”, and other miscellaneous processes.


The JobSupervisorWork Type and Equipment fields must be set up in Heavy Job and imported into the TE/PM database before users can select a specific job and the related information.  
In order to populate the Job, Supervisor, Work Type, Equipment fields in PointMan, the import of that information from Heavy Jobs into The TransparentEarth/PointMan database must be running and complete. This is a back-end process that the administrator will need to monitor. If you do not see the Job (or other information) needed to log your time, contact your system administrator.

Automatic Clock In/Out

  1. Launch PointMan and sign in using your UserID and Password.    
  2. Tap Time Card (top banner, right side):
    PointMan TC 1.png

    Or, tap the Menu button, then select Time Card.      
      PointMan TC 2.png

    The Home screen displays:    
    PointMan TC 3.png
  3. Tap Clock In.    
    PointMan TC 4.png

    The Time Card screen displays and will require you to fill in the following fields:   
    PointMan TC 5.png

    Note: Job, Supervisor, Work Type and Equipment fields will always populate with the information that was saved on your last Time Card. To change the value, click the magnifying glass button, search for the desired value, and double-tap that value.  
  4. Enter values into each of the following fields:
    1. Time In: Defaults to the current date and time and will always round up or down to the nearest 15 minutes. This field automatically populates, but you can change the date and time by clicking in the field and selecting the desired time using the date/time selection tool.  For instructions on how to manually set the time, see: Manually Selecting Date and Time.
    2. Tap in the Job field:  The Job search list displays a list of all jobs as imported from Heavy Jobs.
    3. Search for the applicable Job by typing the letters or numbers that correspond to that Job. As you type, the records will filter to display only those values that contain the values you have entered into the field.  
      PointMan TC 6.png
      Note:If you need to view more jobs than the first six (6) values, click Search. The Job list will populate with all Jobs that contain the values entered into the field.  
    4. Once you locate your Job, double-tap the record to populate the field. 
    5. Tap in the Supervisor field and locate and select the appropriate Supervisor.
    6. Tap in the Work Type field and locate and select the appropriate Work Type.
    7. Tap in the Equipment field and locate and select the appropriate Equipment item.
      1. To assign multiple pieces of equipment to this one task, click the + button to the right of the Equipment field, tap into the new Equipment field, then search and select the applicable piece of equipment from the list.   
        PointMan TC 7.png
    8. Tap in the Notes field: this field will display empty for each new time card.  Enter free-form text using the phone/tablet key board. Or, use the voice-to-text option by tapping the microphone button on the keyboard.
      1. When you’re done with your text, tap OK.
    9. Tap the Photo button in the Photo field: 
      1. Tap Take Photo. The screen will briefly display the map, and then a Photo Image dialog box will display. Both will disappear. It will then enable the camera on your phone/tablet and be ready to take the photo, with the following options below:   
        PointMan TC 8.png
      2. The GPS tab will be highlighted orange. Keeping this enabled will take a GPS coordinate of the photo you are taking. If you wish to save your photo without a GPS coordinate, tap the GPS button disable it (it will turn black).
      3. Optionally, tap the Compass tab to place a compass image at the bottom of your photo.
      4. Tap Cancel to cancel the photo process.
      5. Tap Photo to take the photo that you want. Point the phone/tablet at the desired object and tap Photo.
      6. The photo will be taken and will display for your review. The Mark Up tools will be enabled for you to mark up the photo if desired.
      7. Tap Close to save and close the Photo screen.
      8. You will return to the Time Card screen, and the photo title will populate the Photo dialog box.
    10. Optionally, to CANCEL this Time Card record: 
      1. In the upper right corner of the Time Card Screen, tap Cancel
        You will return to the Home screen, with no records saved, and you will not be Clocked In. 
        You will need to start the "Automatic" process over again.   
  5. Tap Clock In
    You will return to the Home screen, which displays a running calculation of the time you have been "on the clock" for the task, and for the day. This time will continue to 'run' throughout the day until you Clock Out, as well as the following options:
    1. Clock Out: used to clock out of the task that is currently ‘active’.
    2. Review: used to review time cards by day and to submit time cards to the system.
    3. Switch: used to clock out of the current task and automatically clock into a new task. Combined “Switch” Automatic/Manual Clock In/Out   
  6. To complete the time for the task for which you are clocked in, click Clock Out. 
    The Time Card screen will display with the following details:    
    PointMan TC 9.png
    1. Time Out: Displays the time you clocked out. You can modify this value.
    2. Notes: Tap into the field and enter text.  Or, tap into the field, tap the Voice-to-text tool, and use the voice commands to enter your Notes.
    3. Photo: Tap Photo and follow the process for taking photos. 
  7. Tap Clock Out. The Day Details dialog displays.   
  8. Enter the Day Details:   
    PointMan TC 10.png
    1. For the Operator Truck Pay amount, select a value from the drop-down list, tap in the field and manually enter the correct amount.   
  9. Tap OK
    You will return to the Home screen where you will see the duration of time clocked in thus far, the Clock In (to clock in for another task) button, and the Review button (to review the time cards that have been saved or are currently clocked in).   
  10. Click the Review button.  
    The Time Card Review dialog displays details of all Time Cards (Tasks) completed (or started) by day:   
    PointMan TC 11.png
Column/Field Action/Description
Time In Displays the time you clocked in.
Time Out Displays the time you clocked out.
Total Time Displays the total time clocked for that task
Job, Supervisor, Work Type Displays the values you entered and saved.
Total Hours Displays the total time clocked for the day.
Per Diem Displays the Per Diem amount. If you created multiple tasks for one day, and had Per Diem selected for each task, you will see only one (1) Per Diem amount per day.
Welder Rig If you selected this checkbox on the Day Details screen, the Welder Rig amount displays here.
Operator Truck If you selected this check box on the Day Details screen, and selected the applicable Truck Rate on the Time Card screen, this field will display the calculated reimbursement here.


Manual Clock In/Out

  1. From the main Time Card Review screen: tap NEW.    
    PointMan TC 12.png 
    The New Task/Time Card screen will display allowing you to fill in the following fields:   
    1. Time In: Displays the time you clocked in. You can modify this value.
    2. Time Out: Displays the time you clocked out. You can modify this value.
    3. Job, Supervisor, Work Type, Equipment, Notes, Photo: Displays the values you entered when you Clocked In. You can modify these values. 
  2. After completing all necessary fields, tap Save.
    1. If you left the Time In and Time Out fields the same, you will receive a warningstating: ‘Time Out must be greater than Time In.’ If this happens, tap inside the Time Out field and select the appropriate Time Out value. Then tap Save again.
    2. If you have already submitted a time card for that DAY, you will receive a warning message stating: “Day already submitted.” You will need to change the date and log the time for a new day.    
  3. Once save completes, you will return to the Time Card Review screen, and you will see all of the time records (Tasks) listed by day.  

Switch Automatic/Manual Clock In/Out Process 

This process allows a user to start with the Automatic Clock In process, and then switch to the Manual Clock Out process. This process automatically clocks a person out of the initial Task and automatically creates a new Clock In time for a new task. 

  1. From the Home screen, click Clock In.   
  2. Complete the Time Card screen and click Clock In.  
  3. Let the time clock run while you work for the day. You can log out of PointMan (and even turn off the phone) and go about work for the day. 
    NOTE: You should see the Time Card indicator in the PointMan banner at the top of the screen whenever you are actually "Clocked In" through the Time Card system.  
    PointMan TC 13.png
  4. When necessary (switching equipment, jobs, etc...) re-open the Time Cards application.
    1. On the Home screen, you should see both Clock Out and Switch buttons.
      PointMan TC 14.png  
  5. Tap the Switch button. 
    The Time Card screen displays.
  6. The Time In field will display the time you clocked in.   
  7. Update any of the values in the other fields.   
  8. Tap the Switch button (bottom of screen).
    1. The initial record will be saved and all summary information should be updated accordingly.
    2. The system will then automatically close the current task and start a NEW Time Card (Task).    
  9. Tap Review to see the completed task and the new task:     
     PointMan TC 15.png
  10. At the end of the day (or Task), go back into the Time Card application, and click Clock Out, update the information if necessary, and then tap Clock Out.     
    PointMan TC 16.png
  11. Complete the Day Details, if necessary.     
    PointMan TC 17.png
  12. Tap OK.   
  13. Tap Review to return to the Time Card Review/Tasks screen to review your tasks andtime entry.


Submit Time

Once you have completed a full day of work, and have all of your time accounted for, you will need to review each day’s work and mark that day as “Reviewed” (blue check mark), then you will need to tap the Submit button. 

NOTE: once you tap Submit, you will not be able to edit any of the records you have already submitted. In addition, once you have submitted time for a day, you will not be able to submit any NEW tasks for that day. Only click Submit when a full day of work has been clocked in/out and has been reviewed.

  1. After reviewing your full day of work, select the check box next to the day that is complete.     
    PointMan TC 18.png
  2. Click the Submit button:  You will see a process message indicating the number of records being sent the server. (Clicking Submit flags all tasks and time card data as "final" and saves them to the server). Days that have been Submitted will display a grey check mark in the check box next to the day. (If the check mark is blue, the day has not yet been submitted).      
    PointMan TC 19.png
    Notes: Once you submit time cards for a day, you cannot submit any more time cards for that day. Also, once you submit time cards, you will not be able to access those time cards to edit them.


Editing a Task

  1. On the Time Card Review/Tasks screen, select the record you want to delete. It will highlight in orange.   
  2. Tap the Edit button. The complete Time Card will display.   
  3. Edit or change any of the fields on the screen.   
  4. Tap Save (bottom of the screen). You will return to the Time Card Review/Tasks screen. 
    Note: You cannot edit tasks that have already been submitted.


Deleting a Specific Time Card

  1. On the Time Card Review/Tasks screen, tap the record you want to delete. It will highlight in orange.   
  2. Tap the Delete button. 
    The Delete Record prompt will display: "Permanently delete this record?"   
  3. Tap Cancel to cancel the Delete process.   
  4. You will be returned to the Time Today screen.  
  5. Tap OK to confirm the delete process. You will be returned to the Time Today screen, and your record will be no longer be available.


Using the Search Fields

  1. Tap the magnifying glass icon in the field you wish to search. 
    The Search dialog box displays. 
  2. In the field at the top of the dialog box, enter all or part of the value for which you are searching.    
    PointMan TC 20.png

    As you enter values into the empty search field, the list of values will narrow and display only records that contain your entry.  If the item you are looking for doesn’t display in the top six (6) values in view, tap Search. The remainder of the list will display and you can scroll through the rest of the results.   
  3. Double-tap the desired record to populate the field. The record will populate the field.


Manually Selecting Date and Time

  1. Tap inside the Time In or Time Out fields. The Date/Time selection screen will display. 
  2. To set the date, tap the Date tab, upper left.     
    PointMan TC 21.png
  3. Then, tap and scroll the Month and Date values until the desired date is bold.   
  4. Tap the Time tab, upper right.     
    PointMan TC 22.png
  5. Then, tap and scroll the HoursMinutes and AM/PM values until the desired time is bold.  
  6. Tap OK.
  7. The Time In or Time Out fields will populate with the Date/Time selected.


Entering Time While Offline

If you know you will be out of range of service, you will need to prepare your PointMan system to Go OffLine. This will download all applicable Job (and related) information so that you can still Clock In/Out and track your Tasks, Job, Supervisor and Equipment throughout the day.

  1. From PointMan, click Time Card (upper right).  
  2. Tap the Sync button (upper right).    
     PointMan TC 23.png 

    You will see a message display as it progresses: “Syncing data ...”.  
    Note: For the first time you do this, it will take some time to load all of the information. Every time thereafter, it will only take a few seconds. 
  3. Once the Sync is complete, you can manually set PointMan to Offline mode. 
    Click MenuGo Offline, then OK
    There is no need to select any of the check boxes on the dialog box. Just click OK.   
  4. Go into the Time Card application and manually create a new record. You will be able to select the applicable Job/Supervisor/Equipment/etc... values from each field. 
  5. Save your new Time Card record.   
  6. Review and Submit your time card record. 
    The time card workflow should be complete. 
  7. Set PointMan to go back Online. 
    Click MenuGo Online.  
    PointMan will go back online and the Offline icon will disappear.


TransparentEarth Time Card Reporting Functions

  1. Managers need to administer timecard data collection and review timecard submission into Heavy Job from TransparentEarth.