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Complete these instructions to configure your system for the effective use of PointMan.

Quick Reference for Basic Device Settings

Menu Path Value/Action
Settings Security Unknown Sources Checked
Settings Location Services GPS Satellites Checked
Settings Display Sleep Set to User Preference
Settings Display Brightness Slide to desired level
Settings Advanced Settings Automatic Date and Time Checked
Settings Select Time Zone   Select Correct Time Zone
Settings Bluetooth   On-if you are using an external GPS and/or Pipe & Cable Locator Tool


Instructions for Basic Device Settings

  1. On the tablet, locate and tap your Settings icon.  
  2. Tap Security, and select the Unknown sources check box.  
  3. Tap Location Services, and select the GPS satellites check box.  
  4. Tap Display, tap Sleep, and select the desired amount of time.  
  5. On the Settings page, tap Applications then tap PointMan 
    Note: If you see “Device ID not found”, make sure all permissions are set  
  6. Tap Permissions then enable all permissions BEFORE starting the app.  
  7. Still in the Display menu, tap Brightness, clear the Automatic brightness check box, and move the slider to the right until the screen is bright enough. Click OK when complete.  
  8. Tap Date & Time, and select the Automatic date & time check box.   
  9. Still in the Date & Time menu, select the Automatic time zone check box.   
  10. Tap Wireless & Networks and turn Bluetooth On.  
  11. Return to the home tablet screen by clicking the Return icon.   
  12. Tap the Applications icon. Flip through the applications until you find the PointMan App (they are listed alphabetically). 
  13. Tap and hold the PointMan icon, and drag it to the left until the tablet home screen displays. Let go of the PointMan App. This will place the PointMan icon on your home screen and make it easily accessible every time you use the tablet.   
  14. Tap the PointMan App to launch the application.   
  15. Login to PointMan for authentification