Subsite Utiliguard Locate Tool Connection

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This section outlines out to pair the Subsite Utiliguard Advanced+ 2 to PointMan and use it collect depth readings for utilities

For Android: Minimum required version is Android 7.1

For iOS: Minimum required version is iOS 12.3

Pairing Procedure

1. PRESS AND HOLD the power button on the Subsite tool as seen below

Subsite Power Button.png.jpg

2. Open PointMan and log into a project

3. Tap the menu and then tap Settings

4. Tap "Configure Bluetooth"

5. If Bluetooth is off, turn it on and pair to the Subsite tool

6. Once paired, go back to PointMan and select the Subsite tool under the "Locator" dropdown

7. For the type, select "Subsite"

8. Tap Close to close the PointMan settings page and return to the map display

Collecting Data in PointMan w/ Subsite

1. After you have paired the tool, tap the New button on the top right corner of the screen

2. Select the feature you wish to locate

3. Tap OK

4. If the GPS button is black, tap it to turn it on (Orange means on)

5. On the tool, press and hold the "Force Depth" button as seen below


IMPORTANT: You must have the following for the Subsite tool to collect:
- A valid depth (cannot be empty)
- Less than 95% signal strength. Somewhere between 70% and 90% is ideal
- You must hear a beeping noise from the Subsite tool

If you hear the noise, see a depth on the tool and the signal strength is less than 95%, PointMan will collect the depth but WILL NOT COLLECT if any of these conditions arent met