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This section covers the creation of Stringing Reports in PointMan. Note: This section is for Transparent Earth users. Local users can ignore this section.

Create a Stringing Report

Note: Must complete a Pipe Tally Report first.

  1. Launch and log into PointMan. 
    The PointMan app launches, user can log in and can see the map view. 
  2. tap the Menu button. 
    Displays the menu items on the screen. 
  3. Select Search
    Opens the Search page and allows user to select the report type and other search parameters. 
  4. Perform a search in the first Search field for: Stringing Report
    User can select one report at a time. 
  5. Enter the appropriate parameters to locate the Stringing report and tap Search
    A list of existing Stringing reports displays. 
  6. To create a new Stringing report, tap the New button. 
    A blank Stringing report displays. 
  7. Complete the Stringing report and tap Save
    User can enter values into the report, save and return to the Search results screen. 
  8. From the Search results screen, select an existing item to edit: select the line item, tap Edit
    The specific line item opens and displays the report ready for edit. 
  9. Save the edits by taping Save
    Changes are saved and user is returned to the Search results screen. 
  10. View the Stringing reports in TransparentEarth: 
    1. Log into TE.
    2. Select Inspections.
    3. Select Stringing Report.
    4. Scroll down to the Search area (bottom of dashboard).
    5. Click Search.
    6. View all Stringing information gathered to date.
    7. Use the Drill Down Filter and the Column Filter to narrow the search results to your needs.
    8. Export results to Excel by clicking one of the two Export buttons.