Staking & Depth of Cover Survey

From ProStar Geocorp


This section covers the Staking workflow inside the PointMan mobile application. This workflow mimics the Trimble TSC3 and TSC7 data collection workflows for staking. The PointMan app replaces the TSC3/TSC7; however, the user may still pair Trimble GPS receivers via Bluetooth.



1. Launch PointMan  and login using your saved credentials.

2. Tap the Menu PointMan Menu 1.png button on the top left corner of the main map display

3. Tap Settings

4. Under Map, check the box marked "Show Stake option on placemark selection".

5. Tap Close to close the settings menu

6. On the main map display, ensure PointMan Points are turned on via the layer panel in the lower left corner of the screen

7. Select a point feature and then tap StakeNote: You may also connect a GPS receiver in order to obtain the desired accuracy.

8. The user should see a line with a distance measurement from the users location to the selected point.

  • In the upper right corner of the screen, the accuracy, Distance, Cut/Fill, x distance and y distance should appear in the black box. Note: If accuracy does not appear, either go outside to get a better GPS signal or check to see if you have the wrong GPS selected in the Settings menu

9. As the user moves via either walking or driving, the line and distance number to the selected point changes in real time as does the Cut/Fill and x/y distances.

10. Once the user reaches the selected point, PointMan will either display "Cut" or "Fill" in the upper right corner of the screen. This value can be written on lath on-site. The user can then select the next point and continue with their survey

11. To Exit Stake Mode, tap the orange location services arrow on the bottom left corner of the screen.