Spatial Query Filter

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The Spatial Query Filter in Transparent Earth allows you to search for features using the left dashboard and then filter the map to only show those features. Note that Spatial Query Filter allows you to filter data on the map from the left dashboard and Spatial Map Filter.


Using Spatial Query Filter

  1. Log in to the Transparent Earth environment by entering your credentials.
  2. On the left dashboard, click Quick Search and then click Map Layers or click on any module that you wish to query against. 
  3. Select your desired search criteria including a specific attribute such as the one shown below and then click Search.
  4. In the query results area, click the blue FilterMap button. NOTE: To view all filtered features, click the Zoom Map Extent button on the top left of the top toolbar (globe icon)
  5. To clear the map display of all filtered results, click the blue ClearMapFilter button on the left dashboard.