Snap to Point

From ProStar Geocorp


This section outlines how to use PointMan to select the line work in question and “snap” it directly to the pothole location, thus matching the pedigree of the pothole as well as creating a simple and easy-to-use tool to do so efficiently. The process for creating new line work if none exists is similar except that the user would be able to select each point and connect them with line features that match the "System" level style. NOTE: points, lines and polygons can be snapped to a point.


1. Log into PointMan

2. On the top left corner, tap the menu button

3. Tap Settings

4. Under the Map section, turn on "Show Snap to point option on move"

5. Tap Close on the upper right corner to return to the map display

6. Tap on the line or point, and then tap Move

7. Tap the point, line or polygon you wish to move FROM

8. For lines and polygons, select the vertex you wish to move

9. Tap Snap.

10. Tap the point you wish to move TO

11. Only tap Confirm if you are sure as this is permanent. Attributes in the FROM point will be lost

12. Only tap Cancel to back out and cancel any changes to that point's attributes

13. Tap Confirm to copy the attributes in the TO point to the FROM point

14. Tap Finish to complete the workflow.

Note that after tapping Confirm, the attributes in the TO point will be copied into the FROM point.