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The Settings page allows you to configure your device and certain PointMan functions. Access the Settings page by tapping the Menu icon, and then Settings.
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Settings Buttons



Feature Description Important Notes
  Set map to current location on open When opening PointMan, the map will center to your current location.  
  Set map to last visited location on open When opening PointMan, the map will center at the last location you were viewing.  
  Always accept legal agreement Automatically accepts the legal agreement.  
  Automatically log in
Automatically logs you in when you double-click the PointMan application icon.
  Update server with device location when open Updates the server with your current location when you log in. Available only on PointMan Pro 
  GPS Select to use the tablets internal GPS system, or select a GPS receiver that you have paired with your tablet Bluetooth devices listed in GPS and Locator drop-down menus list the MAC address of the bluetooth device, in the event that the common name is not available. The device access reader layer accomodates this when using an external device.
  Locator Type Select the brand of your pipe locator  
  Locator Select the pipe locator that is paired to your tablet  
  Configure Bluetooth Click here FIRST to pair your GPS and/or pipe locator  
Enter the height of the GPS receiver that you have paired with your tablet

 NOTE: Enter the pole height + the phase center of the GPS for accurate vertical measurements

Used to correct the elevation of the feature based on the antenna height and GPS phase center.
  EPSG Select the Coordinate Reference System (CRS) for your horizontal datum/projection You can select "From Name", "From Service Provider" (RTX/VRSNow), or "From File" (PRJ)
  Geoid Select the Geoid Model you wish to use for your vertical/altitude reference You can download more Geoid models by tapping the edit button next to the Geoid box
  Correction Add your credentials to log into a VRS/RTN network or select "Catalyst" or "VRSNow"  
  Start GPS on Placemark Creation When selected, the system will automatically place a place mark at your current location when creating a point, line, or polygon.  
  Show As-Built Settings When selected, the system is enabled to display and capture the As-Built dialog box when creating points, lines, polygons and other features. This is saved in the feature attributes for export and field validation.  
  Show Stake Options When selected, enables the user to perform stakeouts to point and line features. Includes Cut/Fill values  
  Show Directions When selected, enables a Directions button for each feature that gives you Google drivinng directions to that feature  
  Show Feature Lock When selected, allows the user to repeatedly collect the same POINT feature without tapping the New button each time  
  Show Line Split & Join When selected, allows the user to split and join lines in PointMan using the MOVE button  
  Show Snap to Point When selected, allows the user to snap line vertices to a point feature and inherit the point attributes  
  Show Feature Vertices When selected, displays line points. When deselected, does not display line points  
Data Dictionary      
  Edit Allows the user to edit the Data Dictionary (Plus Only - Pro is located on the web portal in settings)  
Map Cache
(Pro Only)


Map Cache Clicking Clear Map Cache will clear the PointMan history and the downloaded cache of any map files, report files, or any other 'offline' information that you have downloaded.  
(Pro Only)
  Per Page Defines how many search result rows display per page. Available only on PointMan Pro 
(Pro Only)
  Per Page Defines how many notification rows display per page. Available only on PointMan Pro 
  Play Sound Selecting the check box will enable PointMan sounds. Clearing the check box will turn off PointMan sounds.  
(Plus Only)
Displays the current status of your PointMan license. Clicking refresh forces PointMan to update and validate the remaining days on your license period. Clicking Renew will open the Update License shopping cart. Follow the instructions for renewing a license. 
  ID The ID field displays the device ID  
  Restart Tutorial Clicking the Restart Tutorial button will show a dialog warning the user to save their settings. Apon tapping Restart Tutorial on that dialog, all unsaved settings will be discarded and the user will be brought to the Projects Page and shown the PointMan Tutorial. All unsaved settings will be discarded
  Send Log File Clicking the Send Log File button generates a log file attachment to be sent by email. The devices email options will open and once you select an email option, the file will be attached to a blank email directed to a ProStar support team member. This can be helpful when troubleshooting PointMan.



Still need help? Call (970)683-5530 to speak with a PointMan Support Member.