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As of PointMan version, users have the ability to export their entire local project with one button.

How to Export Projects

1. From the main dashboard, tap the menu button on the top left corner of the screen.

PointMan Menu 1.png

2. Tap the Send Project button on the menu.

PointMan Send Project 1.png

3. Tap the desired file formats.

PointMan Send Project 2.png

4. NOTE: If you select Shapefile, you must tap the Options button and include the PRJ file and the projection you are working in. Contact support for further assistance:

PointMan Send Project 2.png

5. For CSV exports, you can tap the Options button and select which columns you wish to include or exclude. All are enabled by default.

6. Choose the app you wish to use to send the exported files with. NOTE: Larger projects may be too big to send via email. In this case, an app such as Google Drive or Dropbox should be used.

7. The recipient should recieve all exported filetypes in their email inbox including a Google Maps link of the project.


For ESRI / ArcGIS users

- Photos: For ESRI purposes, photos taken in PointMan are not geotagged; however, photos can be handled by ESRI as a file attachment. Users can add any file (including image files) as an attachment to any feature (point, line, polygon). Help is located here: IMPORTING AS A RASTER LAYER WILL NOT WORK.

- Shapefiles: Ensure the PRJ file is selected in the Options button with the same EPSG code as was used to collect the data. This will ensure a smooth import into ArcGIS.