Searching and Filtering Searches

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  1. Kendo UI Grid search update.
    1. This update did changed how the user searches initially. The
    2. Once search is pressed, it no longer opens a table below in the dashboard. It will now open in a new full window dialog in the main screen:
    3. Using Mapit Will minimize the window and take you to the feature (MapIt also works with user added layers):
    4. Clicking on the minimized dialog will resize it.
    5. You can also now do concurrent searches, which is done via tabs in the dialog:
    6. All Mapable layers now have the ability to be filtered on the map by the kendo search grid. The map filters are controlled by the drill down AND the individual column filters. The map filter buttons are disabled if there are no grid filters active.
    7. Once a filter is applied, the “Filter Map” button is enabled. The filter only works when the layer you are filtering has columns that match the filter. Some layers are configured differently than the search grid, so if the column in the grid does not have a match in the layer, it will ignore this filter when you filter the map.
    8. After you click “Filter Map” the “Clear Map Filter” button is enabled and will clear all map filters when clicked.
    9. The gird has also applied column filters for each column. Different Column types have different filters. (Numbers, Dates, Text, etc)
      As you can see there are a lot of different options.
    10. Add/Remove visible columns from the table

    The drill down filter now has new functionality. You can pick between the drill down filter checking for all columns in the DB, or only columns that are currently visible. The filter is also now setup to query ALL columns, not just text fields. Any fields that are not text are treated as text for the search to add functionality and usability for columns that may not be text. It defaults to visible columns, for efficiency purposes.