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This section covers the Search Reports functionality in the PointMan mobile application. Note: this only available on Transparent Earth users.


Access the Search functions by tapping the Menu icon and then Search Report

The Search screen displays with a blank set of parameters (criteria).

  1. Fill in the Search criteria and tap Search to locate the desired item. 
    1. In the first criteria field, select the type of item you want to search (KM Markers,PointMan Points, One Call Tickets, Locates, Forms).
    2. In the second criteria field, select a value from the list. Add or remove criteria by tapping the + or X buttons to the right of each criteria value field.
    3. Optionally: enter all or part of the specific value for which you are searching. Leaving the value field blank could result in returning many result records. Some search criteria will require you to enter a search value. 
  2. Tap Search
  3. Select the desired item from the Results list and click MapItEdit, or other applicable functions.

Search Screen Navigation Details

PointMan Search Reports 1.png

Search Criteria 1: Tap the drop-down to select the type of item you are searching for. You can search for any feature that exists within your database. In example: PointMan Points, OneCall tickets, eForms, Parcels, etc. 

Search Criteria 2: The Search Criteria area allows you to narrow the parameters of your search. Tap the drop-down to specify the information for which you are seeing. Use the Operators (Contains or Equals) to help define your criteria.

  • Use the + button to Add another level of criteria. 
    PointMan Search Reports 2.png
  • Use the X button to Remove a level of criteria. 
    PointMan Search Reports 3.png


Use the operators to help control the results of your search. Tap Contains to broaden your search to anything that might contain that value. Tap Equals to narrow your search to a very specific value.  

Search Button

Tapping the Search button searches your system for the set of criteria entered. You will also need to tap Search any time you change the search criteria or results options.


The Results area displays the list of results that meet your search criteria. Tap the specific record you would like to view. Tap MapIt to open the map view in the location of the record.


Tap Clear to reset the Results area. 
Note: Tapping Clear will only clear your results area, not your Search Criteria. 


Tap Close to close the Search screen and return to the Map.

Results Options - Columns

Tap the Column button to display a list of values in your results. Select the check box next to any Column name that you wish to see in your results.