Real-time Datum Translations (EPSG & PRJ)

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This section outlines using projections (.PRJ files) and EPSG codes in the PointMan mobile application. Keep in mind that a PRJ/EPSG only accounts for the horizontal (x and y) coordinates and does not apply to vertical or "z" coordinate. IMPORTANT: The EPSG or PRJ that you select is what your GPS is capturing in. PointMan's basemap is in WGS84 so PointMan will CONVERT from the EPSG you are collecting in with the GPS over to WGS84 (EPSG 4326). This way, your data lines up with the basemap. PointMan will save both sets of coordinates: EPSG/GPS and WGS84. This data will appear in the exported files.


1. Log in to any PointMan environment (local or enterprise)

2. On the top left of the main map display, tap the Menu icon

3. Tap Settings


4. Under the Devices section, tap EPSG

5. Tap From Name

6. Select the desired EPSG number. If unsure, reference project requirements

7. Tap Close

For PRJ File Import

4. Under the Devices section, tap EPSG

5. Tap From File

6. Navigate to the PRJ file and select it. Tap OK

7. Tap Close

For Location Services

8. Tap the arrow icon on the lower left corner of the map display

9. Tap the Orange arrow icon to turn off location services

Performing a Locate

10. Tap the New button on the top right corner of the map display

11. Select the desired feature and then tap OK

12. If the GPS button on the bottom toolbar is not orange, tap to turn it on

13. Save the feature

14. For points, tap Details

For lines, tap Pedigree

15. Note the GPS EPSG is saved in the attributes

Moving a Feature

16. Tap any feature and then tap Move. NOTE you can see the EPSG in the top right corner of the map display to verify the correct one is being used before you save the feature to a new location

Exporting EPSG Data

17. Tap on any feature and then tap Send

18. Select the desired files and then tap OK

19. Once recieved, open the Pedigree CSV, Shapefile or KMZ to verify both sets of attributes/coordinates.

Staking Points and Lines with EPSG

20. Enable the Stake option in PointMan Settings

21. Tap on a point or line feature and then tap Stake on the bottom toolbar. NOTE the EPSG number on the top right corner of the screen to verify correct EPSG