Quick Search

From ProStar Geocorp

Quick Search allows users to quickly search MAP LAYER information. The Quick Search/Map Layers item in the left dashboard is used as a way to search TE for data/records/points/lines/polygons/eForms/other info that has been captured by PointMan/on the tablets. This functionality should work the same for each client configuration.


  1. From within TransparentEarth, in the left side dashboard, click Quick Search. 
    One (1) sub item will display: Map Layers
  2. Click Map Layers 
    The Search Transparent Earth search area displays below, with multiple (3-4) available criteria fields (Quick Search, Multiple Layers options, and 2 buttons: (Search and Clear). 
  3. The first drop-down list contains only two (2) options: Quick Search and Select Area Category. Select Quick Search
  4. The second drop-down list contains a list of layers that are available for search. Select the layer you would like to search within. 
  5. To perform a broad search on one complete layer, simply select the layer in the second drop-down list, then go directly to the Search button, and click Search
    The results grid will display all values that are related to the layer you are searching. You can then filter and organize the list to drill down to the specific information for which you are looking.
  6. Or, complete more specific search by completing the remaining Search criteria. 
    The third drop-down list displays only one option: Select Data Fields. Select this option. 
  7. The fourth field allows for manual entry of a value.
  8. After making selections (broad or narrow), click Search
    A list of values that meet the criteria should display in the search results grid.
  9. From the list of returned records (search results), you can to do all of the following:
    • Double-click a line item and it will display on the map, highlighted.
    • Click a record in the results grid, then click the MapIt button. The item will display on the map, highlighted.
    • Use the general Drill Down Filter function to filter down to a meaningful record set or specific result: Type in part of a value and the list of records will automatically filter towards any record that has all or part of your entry in it.
    • Click the Export Visible Fields button to export the visible records with the visible set of columns into a CSV file.
    • Click the Export All Fields button to export the visible records with all possible columns into a CSV file.
    • Modify Records Per Page by selecting different values from the records per page drop-down list. You will see the following options: 10, 25, 50, 100, All. Selecting one of these items should display that many records.
    • Click the column title of any column to sort the contents of that column, first by A-Z, then by Z-A. (Ascending-to-Descending, then Descending-to-Ascending).