Quick Reference Guide

From ProStar Geocorp

This page is a quick reference guide for creating and printing an Operation Maintenance Form.


Creating a Form

  1. Log into TransparentEarth.
  2. Click the Operation Maintenance button (upper right corner of the main TE tool bar).
  3. Click the Create Operation Maintenance Forms icon (top button in the tools in the upper left corner of the map).
  4. In the Pipeline Task column, select the check boxes next to each form you want to create. 
  5. Complete all tabs that are required for that form.​ 
    Click each tab (A-I and Manager) at the top of the Operation Maintenance Report dialog box, and complete all required and necessary fields within each section. 
    NOTE: All forms require section A, and the Manager section. 
  6. ​When each section is complete, click Save.
  7. Click Yes at the first confirmation.
  8. Click OK at the second confirmation.
  9. Click the Close button to close the dialog box and return to the main TransparentEarth screen.
  10. To Print the Form, click the Print button.
    1. Click Save to open your computer directory and save the PDF in a specific location.
    2. Click Change to change the file type, location for save, or to select a specific printer for printing.
    3. Click Cancel to close the Print dialog box and return to the Operation Maintenance form 
  11. To Close the entire form without saving, click the Close button.
  12. To Save, click Save.
  13. To Delete the entire form, click the Delete button.