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This page contains a detailed process for creating Operation MaintenanceForms.


Creating Operation MaintenanceForms

  1. Log into Transparent Earth.
  2. Enter the Transparent Earth URL into a Chrome browser window, and click Enter.Enter your User ID and Password and click Sign In.
  3. The main Transparent Earth Window and Map display, granting you access to the Operations and Maintenance tools: 
    TE Operations Maintenance Process Guide 1.png
  4. Click the Operation Maintenance Reports button (upper right corner of the window). 
    The Operation Maintenance Reports tools appears (upper left corner of the map).  
    To create a new form select the Create Operation Maintenance Form button. 
    Your cursor turns into a small blue circle and allows you to select a point on the map.
  5. Click on the map at the location you wish to create the Operations and Maintenance report. 
    The Operation Maintenance Report dialog box displays.
  6. The Pipeline Task column lists eight (8) different Reports.
  7. The Requirement column offers a brief description of the report and what situations require it.
  8. The Sections to Complete column lists out each 'section' that will need to be completed for a Report to be complete. 
  9. From the Pipeline Task column, select the check boxes for each form that you need to complete.
  10. As each form check box is selected, tabs (letters) display at the top of the dialog box.
  11. Each tab represents a 'section' that will need to be completed for the forms you selected form the Pipeline Task column. 
  12. Select each tab (A through I, Status and Attached Documents), and complete each tab as required.
  13. Section A and the Status sections are required for ALL forms.
  14. The remaining sections are only applicable to specific forms.
  15. The Attached Documents tab is available for all forms, but not required.
  16. Complete Section A (required for all forms).
  17. Complete Section B if applicable
  18. Complete Section C if applicable.
  19. Complete Section D if applicable.
  20. Complete Section E if applicable.
  21. Complete Section F, if applicable.
  22. Complete Section G, if applicable.
  23. Complete Section H, if applicable.
  24. Complete Section I, if applicable.
  25. Complete the Status section (required for all forms).
  26. Once all applicable sections are complete, click the Save button.
  27. Click Yes at the confirmation prompt.
  28. Click OK at the confirmation prompt.
  29. Click Close to close the dialog box.


Printing the Form 

  1. Click the Print button.
    Clicking Print displays the Print dialog box.
  2. Click Save to open your computer directory and save the PDF in a specific location.
  3. Click Change to change the file type, location for save, or to select a specific printer for printing.
  4. Click Cancel to close the Print dialog box and return to the Operation Maintenance form.