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== '''Preparing for Locate''' ==
== '''Preparing for Locate''' ==
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[[EOS_Arrow_Gold_GPS_Integration|EOS Arrow Gold GPS Integration]]
[[EOS_Arrow_Gold_GPS_Integration|EOS Arrow Gold GPS Integration]]
[[Setting_Up_Geoids|Setting Up Geoids]]
<br/> '''<span style="font-size:larger;">Pairing a Locator</span>'''
<br/> '''<span style="font-size:larger;">Pairing a Locator</span>'''

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PointMan® is the mobile component of the TransparentEarth system. PointMan® is a GPS-centric mobile software application that enables authorized field personnel to capture precise asset locations and other location related information from a mobile device. PointMan® is designed to collect precision location points and pedigreed 'metadata' associated to the points being captured using our patented processes. PointMan® captures, binds and submits the precision & pedigree™ data to ProStar's geospatial database in real time. The PointMan® mobile solution provides the field worker with the ability to visualize their proximity relative to existing infrastructure, view any historical data relating to that infrastructure and provide the ability to update location data. PointMan® also provides the functions to take geo-referenced photos, complete electronic forms, take field notes or create sketches before submitting the information to the geospatial database service.
Download PointMan for iOS
Download PointMan for Android


​Product Support

Email support@prostarcorp.com
Phone 1-970-683-5530

Note: For Transparent Earth, click here.


Video Library

Click Here


Getting Started


Free vs. Pro Features

Login - Transparent Earth License

Login - Local License

System Configuration

Supported Equipment

Purchasing or Renewing License

Transfer License to a New Device


Navigating PointMan





Send Project

Manage Projects

Search Reports


Time Card


Differential/VRN Login (RTK)

Go To (Lat/Lon Search)

Clearing Map Cache

Go Offline

Site Calibration - Coming Soon

COGO Functions - Coming Soon





Layer Panel

KMZ & SHP Import


New Place Mark Tools

New Placemark

Creating a Point

Creating a Line

Creating a Polygon



Mark Up Tools

Google Directions

Staking & Depth of Cover Survey

Line Staking

Real-time Datum Translations (EPSG & PRJ)

Feature Lock

Line Split & Join


Sending Objects via Email

Moving an Object on the Map

Creating and Editing eForms

As-Built Information

KML Data Integration

Data Dictionary

Data Dictionary for PointMan

Creating Features Using Custom Utility Codes


Pipe Tally Report

Tag Pipe Tally Report

Stringing Report

Land ROW Punch List Report

Daily Weld Log

Fabrication Weld Log

Tie-In Inspection Log


Coating Inspection eForm

Field Inspection Electrical eForm

Public Awareness eForm

Welder Qualification eForm

Welder Requalification eForm

Inspectors Daily Report eForm

Environmental Inspection eForm

Excavation Inspection eForm


Preparing for Locate

Pairing GPS Tools

Sub-meter/GNSS GPS Integration

Juniper Geode GPS Integration

BlueStar RTK GPS Integration

Trimble R10 & SPS985 Receiver Integration (Android)

Trimble R10 & SPS985 Integration (Apple)

Emlid Reach RS+ GPS Integration

EOS Tools Pro Connection

EOS Arrow Gold GPS Integration

Setting Up Geoids

Pairing a Locator

Laser Technology 360R Integration

Vivax Metrotech vLocPro Connection

Fuji Locate Tool Connection

RD 8000/8100 Locate Tool Connection

EchoRFID Tool Connection

3M Dynatel 7420 Locate Tool Connection

Subsite Utiliguard Locate Tool Connection - Update in Progress

Performing a Locate

Performing a Locate

Creating a Locate Form


Mobile Patrols

Note: Not available in all instances of PointMan

Mobile Patrols Overview

Complete Patrol Workflow

Creating a Patrol

Creating a Missing Section

Creating a Patrol Observation

Quick Reference Cards

Creating eForms

Creating a Line

Creating a Polygon

Creating a Pipe Tally Report

Creating a Stringing Report

Creating a Weld Report

Creating a Fabrication Weld Log