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Users can take digital photos in PointMan and store them as point features on the PointMan map display or embed them into PDF eForms. Note: Each system has a photo component for tracking purposes


  1. On the main map display, tap the New button (upper right corner). 
    The New Place Markdialog displays.     
     PointMan Photo 1.png 
  2. From the System drop-down, select a System that the photo will be identified with. 
    Options for Photo include: Electrical, Gas, Oil, Telecom, Photo, Sketch, Water, Sanitary Sewer, Drainage, Temp Survey, Irrigation, Excavation Site, Area of Concern.   
  3. From the Component drop-down, select Photo. Regardless of the System selected, you must select Photo from the Component drop-down. If you selected Photo in the System drop-down, you need to select Image as the Component.   
  4. Tap OK.   

    Note: if you have the setting, "Show As-Built settings on move" selected on the Settings page, you will be prompted for the following As-Built information after you select the System and Component options: Method As-Built or As-Found), Quality Level, and Antenna. For procedures, see the As-Built Information topic.   
  5. For a brief moment, the Photo Image dialog displays, and then disappears. Once it disappears, the tablet is ready to take a photograph.   
  6. (Optional) Select Compass at the bottom of the tablet screen.   
    PointMan Photo 2.png
    Note: On certain devices, due to the internal compass, the compass appears, but will not function  
  7. (Optional) Select GPS at the bottom of the tablet screen.    
  8. Orient the tablet to take the photo of the selected item or area (suggest Landscape orientation).   
  9. Tap the Photo button (bottom right of tablet screen). 
  10. The photo is now available for marking up. See Mark Up Tools (link) for details on making up the photo with lines and comments. 
  11. To continue saving the image, tap Close (upper right corner). The system saves the photo and displays a point on the map, with a menu bar at the bottom of the screen. 
  12. To complete the process and return to the main map view, tap Close.   
    PointMan Photo 3.png
  13. To access Folder, tap Folder. The Folder dialog displays with the Photo as a point in the list.   
  14. To move the point to which the Photo is related, tap Move.  
  15. Tap Move
  16. Tap GPS to move it to your current location. 
  17. Or, tap on the map to move it to a specific point on the map. 
  18. Tap Save.   
  19. To see Details of the photo and access the photo file details, tap Details. The photo details dialog displays the following file information: Type, File, Comment, User, created, Device, Lat/Log coords.  
  20. Tap Edit to edit the Type and add a Comment.