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The TransparentEarth application allows you to search for all aspects of a Patrol Report: the report itself, Observations, Missing Sections, and Observation Confirmation Logs.

Once you have located the applicable record, you can:

  1. Double-click the record to open the record OR to see that item on the Map (Missing Sections and Observations only).
  2. Click the record and click the Edit button to open the record for adding.
  3. From there you can add a new item or edit an existing item.


Performing Searching for Patrols, Observations, Missing Sections and Observation Confirmation Logs


  1. Launch TransparentEarth by opening a Chrome web browser and entering your TransparentEarth URL.
  2. Log into TransparentEarth by entering your User ID and Password, and click Sign In.
  3. In the left side dashboard, click Patrols to expand the Patrols module items 
  4. Click the desired item:
  • Patrol Report
  • Reported Observations
  • Confirmation Logs (Observations only)
  • Missing Sections
  • ROW Patrol Segment
  • Patrol Observation Responsibility Area 
  1. Scroll to the bottom of the left side dashboard, and you will find the Search TransparentEarth dashboard, with the single parameter that you have already selected (Patrol Reports). 
  2. To perform a search on all Patrol Reports, click Search
    The results grid displays below, allowing users to select a record, then open that record 
  3. To change the parameters of your search, scroll back up to the Search TransparentEarth dashboard.
  4. You can change the report type by selecting the second drop-down arrow, and select any one of the Patrol options 
  5. Click Search, and the results grid will display all items for that report type.
  6. You can further refine your search by selecting a field in which to search, and entering a specific value to search for. 
    For example:
  • In the first drop-down, select Patrols.
  • In the second drop-down, select Missing Sections.
  • In the third drop-down, select one of the specific fields available in the list.
  • In the fourth field, enter the text or values you want to search for.
  • Click Search
    The search results grid will display all records that meet those parameters.
  1. From the list of returned records (search results), you can do all of the following:
  2. Double-click a line item and it will display on the map, highlighted (incomplete Missing Sections and open Observations only).
    1. Or, double-click a line item and the Edit dialog box will display, ready for edit, completion or deletion.
    2. In addition, you can click the line item, then click the Edit button to open the same dialog box.
  3. Use the general Drill Down Filter function to filter down to a meaningful record set or specific result: Type in part of a value and the list of records will automatically filter towards any record that has all or part of your entry in it.
  4. Click the Export Visible Fields button to export the visible records with the visible set of columns into a CSV file.
  5. Click the Export All Fields button to export the visible records with all possible columns into a CSV file.
  6. Modify Records Per Page by selecting different values from the records per page drop-down list. You will see the following options: 10, 25, 50, 100, All. Selecting one of these items should display that many records.
  7. Click the column title of any column to sort the contents of that column, first by A-Z, then by Z-A. (Ascending-to-Descending, then Descending-to-Ascending).