Patrol ROW Segment Manager

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The Patrols ROW Segment Manager tool allows an administrator to do the following:​

  1. Add a new ROW Segment to a Region.
  2. Delete an unused ROW Segment from a Region.
  3. Rename a ROW Segment within a Region.
  4. Change the sort order of ROW Segments seen in drop-down lists in the Patrols module.
  5. Add users to a Segment, allowing them to receive notifications when an ROW Segment Observation is created or changed.
  6. Remove users from a Segment.


The ROW Segment Manager tool uses an Explorer-like tree-structure with Regions at the highest level, which contain Segments, which contain Assignees. Add/Remove/Edit/Delete functions are available by right-clicking specific items and selecting the applicable action from the menu item that displays.

Individuals assigned to a Segment are able to receive customized notifications


Using the ROW Segment Manager

  1. In the main dashboard, click Administration, then Patrol ROW Segment Manager
    The ROW Segment Manager window displays: 
      PRSM 01.png

    Regions: users can add and edit Segments within a Region. 
    Segments: users can add, edit, and delete Segments, users can edit the User List, and users can change the sort order of the Segment.

Adding a Segment to a Region

  1. Right-click the Region Name.
  2. Select Add Segment
    PRSM 02.png
  3. Enter the name of the new Segment.
  4. Click OK
      PRSM 03.png
    The new Segment name will be added only if the new Segment name does not already exist within the region. 
    If the new Segment name already exists, you will receive a warning notification. Edit the name to make it unique and click OK again. 
    NOTE: Adding ROW Patrols Segment Polygons to the ROW Segments listed in this manager tool requires ProStar Professional Services to upload them to the system. ProStar Professional Services requires a shape file format delivery in order to add them to the system.


Deleting a Segment from a Region

  1. Right-click the Segment name.
  2. Select Delete.   
    If the segment is being used by a Patrol, you will not be able to delete it and the following message will display: 
    PRSM 04.png
  3. If the Segment is valid for deletion, click Yes at the delete confirmation prompt. 
    The new Segment is deleted.


Editing a Segment Name

  1. Right-click the Segment name.
  2. Select Rename Segment
    PRSM 06.png
  3. Edit the Segment Name. 
    PRSM 07.png
  4. Click OK
    If edited Segment name already exists, you will receive a warning message and will need to rename the Segment.


Changing the Sort Order of Segments Within a Region

  1. Click to select a Segment name.
  2. Drag it to the location in the directory where you want to place it. 
      PRSM 07.png
      PRSM 08.png


Adding Users to a Segment

  1. Right-click the Segment Name.
  2. Click Edit User List.   
    The Users Assigned dialog displays: 
    PRSM 09.png
  3. Click inside the Select Assignees box to display the list of available users. 
    PRSM 10.png
  4. Click a name to add it to the text box.
  5. Click outside of the user list to close the user list. (Click the dialog box header).
  6. Click OK to save and close. 
    You will see the added users name listed under the Segment name: 
    PRSM 11.png


Removing Users from a Segment

  1. Right-click the Segment Name.
  2. Click Edit User List.
  3. Click the X next to the user name you want to remove. 
    PRSM 12.png
  4. Click OK to save and close.