Operation Maintenance Section I

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  1. Pre-requisites: 
    a. Select the applicable forms from the Pipeline Task list. 
    b. Complete Section A.
  2. Select the I tab at the top of the dialog box. 
    The Add to Map/Alignment Sheet - Section I dialog displays. 
    Use the right-side scroll bar to view and access all of the fields and check boxes. 
  3. Complete the I tab by completing each field as required or necessary:


Section I Fields

Field Action
Add Select check boxes for all items to add to the Map/Alignment Sheet.
If you select the Other check box, enter the Other value in the field below.
Other If you selected the Other check box in the field above, enter the Other value here.
Comment Enter all comments here.

When you are done filling out Section I, click Save.

  1. Click Yes at the confirmation prompt.
  2. Click OK at the confirmation prompt.
  3. Complete any additional sections that are required for the form you are creating.
  4. Complete the Status section.