Operation Maintenance Section F

From ProStar Geocorp

This page details how to fill out section F Operation Maintenance form.



  1.  Select the applicable forms from the Pipeline Task list. 
  2. Complete Section A.
  3. Select the F tab at the top of the dialog box. 
    The Facility Maintenance - Section F dialog displays. 
    Use the right-side scroll bar to view and access all of the fields and check boxes. 
  4. Complete the F tab by completing each field as required or necessary:

Section F Fields

Field Action
Type of Work Performed Select a value from the drop-down list.
Equipment Work was Performed On
  Select check boxes for all pieces of equipment work was being performed upon.
If you select the Other check box, enter the Other value in the field below.
Other If you selected the Other check box in the field above, enter the Other value here.
Description of Work Performed Enter a description of the work being performed.
P&ID Change Select either the Yes or No radio button.
If you select Yes, the GIS Administrator will receive an Email notification, and a task will display in their My Notifications list. See Form Status Rules and My Notifications for details on assignments and notifications