Operation Maintenance Section A

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Transparent Earth: Operations Maintenance Section A

<article id="top"> This topic outlines how to fill out section A in an Operations Maintenance report.


a. Select the applicable forms from the Pipeline Task list.

  1. Select the A tab at the top of the dialog box. 
    The General Information - Section A dialog displays. 
    Use the right-side scroll bar to view and access all of the fields and check boxes. 
  2. Complete the A tab by completing each field as required or necessary:
Field Action Notes
Report Name Auto-populates with: "maintenancereport_UserName_Date". Edit this field as desired. Required
System Select the applicable pipeline system from the drop-down list. Required
Pipeline Select the applicable Pipeline from the drop-down list. Required
Facility Select the applicable Facility from the drop-down list.  
Work Completed Date Click the down-arrow to display a calendar and select the applicable date. Or, manually enter the date in mm/dd//yyyy format. Required
Report by Employee Auto-populates with the current User ID.  
Supervisor Select the applicable Supervisor from the drop-down list. Upon Submittal, Approval and Rejection of this form, the Supervisor will receive an email notification, and a task will display in their My Notifications list. See Form Status Rules and My Notifications for details on assignments and notifications. Required
Quarter Section Enter the applicable Quarter Section, if available.  
Sec, Twp, Rng Enter the applicable Section, Township, Range values, if available. Format: T17N-R5E-S1  
State Select the applicable State form the drop-down list. Required
County Select the County from the drop-down list, if available.  
MP Enter the Mile Post number, if available.  
Station+ Enter the Station Number, if available.  
GPS Enter the GPS Coordinates, if available.  
Job Description Select all appropriate check boxes that describe this Job. Required
Employee/Contractor Enter the Employee or Contractor Name, if available.  
One-Call Ticket No. Enter the One-Call Ticket number, if available.  
Comments Enter all additional comments as necessary
  1. When you are done filling out Section A, click Save
    Note: If any required fields are left empty, the form will display a warning message.
  2. Click Yes at the confirmation prompt.
  3. Click OK at the confirmation prompt.
  4. Complete any additional sections that are required for the form you are creating.
  5. Complete the Status section.