One Call Responsibility Area Notifications

From ProStar Geocorp

Transparent Earth provides functions to send notifications based on a geospatial position or context. The system will create notifications for One Call Tickets that intersect Responsibility Areas and send notifications to users who are assigned as responsible for a specific area on the map.


Sending a Notification

When a one call ticket is entered into the system, it automatically checks for users assigned to a responsibility for one call tickets in that area. If there is a matching user, the system creates a ticket notification. 
TE One Call RA Area Notifications 1.png

Double clicking the notification will then map the user to the corresponding OneCall Ticket, and minimize the notifications window to the bottom of the page. When the user wants to return to the notifications window, just the restore button on the minimized dialog

TE One Call RA Area Notifications 2.png
In order to receive notifications regarding One Call Tickets intersecting Responsibility Areas:

  1. Launch the TransparentEarth URL and log into TransparentEarth. 
  2. Under Settings Make sure that all users that are to receive notifications have their email address linked to their account. 
  3. Contact the Help Desk at ProStar Geocorp and ask to be notified when a One Call ticket overlaps with another specified feature in your TransparentEarth Environment. Please utilize the following contact methods:  
Contact Method  
+Phone (970) 683-5530 or (970)319-8025