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This help topic outlines the basic steps to view One Call information on the map, and to search for One Call details using the Search panel.


Viewing One Call Information

  1. Launch the TransparentEarth URL and log into TransparentEarth.
  2. Click the Layers icon. 
    The Layers panel displays on the right side of the screen.
  3. Click One Call, then select the Live Ticket Transmissions check box. 
    <<img src="/images/c/cf/TE_One_Call_1.png" _fck_mw_filename="TE One Call 1.png" alt="TE One Call 1.png" title="TE One Call 1.png" style="vertical-align:middle;" no-link="1"/> />
    A layer of color (currently pink) displays on the map where current One Call Tickets are currently active. 
    <img src="/images/a/a3/TE_One_Call_2.png" _fck_mw_filename="TE One Call 2.png" alt="TE One Call 2.png" title="TE One Call 2.png" style="vertical-align:middle;" no-link="1" />
  4. On the left side of the screen in the dashboard, click One Call
    Two sub-menus display: Live Ticket Transmissions, and One Call Reports & Analytics*
    *One Call Reports & Analytics is not yet active. 
    <img src="/images/3/34/TE_One_Call_3.png" _fck_mw_filename="TE One Call 3.png" alt="TE One Call 3.png" title="TE One Call 3.png" style="vertical-align:middle;" no-link="1" />
  5. Click Live Ticket Transmissions
    The Search Transparent Earth workbench displays at the bottom of the left-side dashboard. 
    <img src="/images/d/da/TE_One_Call_4.png" _fck_mw_filename="TE One Call 4.png" alt="TE One Call 4.png" title="TE One Call 4.png" style="vertical-align:middle;" no-link="1" />
  6. The fields available should automatically populate with: One CallLive Ticket Transmissions, and Search All.
  7. Without changing any of the options in the fields, click the Search button. 
    A list all One Call ticket transmissions displays. 
    <img src="/images/a/a6/TE_One_Call_5.png" _fck_mw_filename="TE One Call 5.png" alt="TE One Call 5.png" title="TE One Call 5.png" style="vertical-align:middle;" no-link="1" />
    The default columns that display are:
    1. Call Date/Time
    2. One Call Ticket Number
    3. Type of Work
    4. One Call Center
  8. In the Drill Down Filter field, type in a One Call Ticket Number you know to exist (for example: A50770219) 
    As you type in each character/number, the list of one call results narrows towards records that contain the value you're entering. 
    Eventually, you will only see the value for which you are searching.
  9. From the list of returned records (search results), you can to do all of the following: 
    a. Double-click a line item and it will display onthe map, highlighted. 
    b. Click a record in the results grid, then clickthe MapIt button. The item will display on the map, highlighted. 
    c. Use the Column Filter to show/hidespecific columns in the results grid. 
    d. Use the general Drill Down Filterfield to filter the results to a meaningful record set or specific result: Type in part of a value and the list of records will automatically filtertowards any record that has all or part of your entry in it. 
    e. Click the Export Visible Fieldsbutton to export the visible records with the visible set of columns into a CSV file. 
    f. Click the Export All Fields button toexport the visible records with all possible columns into a CSV file. 
    g. Modify Records Per Page by selectingdifferent values from the records per page drop-down list. You will see thefollowing options: 10, 25, 50, 100, All. Selecting one of these items shoulddisplay that many records. 
    h. Click the column title of any column to sort thecontents of that column, first by A-Z, then by Z-A. (Ascending-to-Descending,then Descending-to-Ascending).