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Notifications display in your notification area when an action item has been assigned to you.


Notifications are indicated by a small number above the Menu item:

PointMan Notifications 1.png

To see your list messages in your Notifications area, tap the Menu icon, then tap Notifications

To view details of a notification, tap the Open button. A menu at the bottom of the screens allows you to: 

  • Tap Delete to delete the message from your list.
  • Tap Unread to keep the message open and active.
  • Tap MapIt to display it on the map.
  • Tap Close to close the message details and return to your list of messages.  

To see the notification on the map, tap the MapIt button.

Note: In order to see items on the map, you must have the appropriate Layers selected form the Layers screen.

See Layers for details.


Notifications Screen Details

PointMan Notifications 2.png


Tapping Open displays the details of the notification.

PointMan Notifications 3.png


From here, you can tap DeleteUnreadMapIt or Close.