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The TransparentEarth window contains the areas outlined below. The image below depicts the location of each area that is detailed in this topic. 
TransparentEarth - Window:

TE Navigation 1.png

Administration and Module Dashboard

The Administration and Module Dashboard organizes administrative functions and Modules.

Click one of the labels to open options for that item.

The Personal Settings icon opens a dialog box that allows you to change the Unit of Measure as used in measuring Linear Distance and Area within the Markup Tools functions.


Search and Results Dashboard

The Search and Results Dashboard displays search options for the item that is selected in the Administration and Module Dashboard
Once you click Search and execute a query, the Search Results Grid displays all records resulting from your query.

From the Search Results Grid, you can edit certain features, and see the location of the feature on the map.


Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar contains icons used for map navigation (Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan, etc). 
It also turns certain tools on or off (Information, Pedigree, Real Time Display, etc).

Last, it turns specific modules on or off (PointMan tools, Operation Maintenance, Job Book, etc.). Turning a Module on also opens the Module Toolbar.

Click the Layer Panel button to open the Layer Panel (see below).


Module Toolbar

The Module Toolbar only displays when you turn a specific module on or off. Each Module Tool bar is specific to the module you enable.

Click the applicable Module Toolbar icon to activate that specific function or tool.


Layer Panel

The Layer Panel displays all layers of information available for display on the Main Map.

Click a layer heading to view all detail layers for that group.

Select the check box next to the applicable layer for the layer to display on the Main Map.


Main Map Display

The Main Map Display is always visible in the TransparentEarth window.

When layers have been selected from the Layer Panel, those layers display on the map.

In addition, when you perform a search and select a result, you can see that record's map feature (point, line, polygon) displayed on the map.



Global Map View Port 

The Global Map View Port  displays a map inset section showing the extent of the zoom area.

Open and close the View Port by clicking the and buttons in the upper right corner of the map.

You can also click and drag the red-box in the View Port box to change your view in the main map display.

TE Navigation 2.png