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This section outlines the general function and use of the PointMan mobile application. Navigational tools are outlined here as well.

The Map Display

The map display is the default landing page for users logging into the PointMan app.


You can touch and drag the screen to move the map to the general desired area.

Zoom In/Out Buttons

  • Zoom in/out using the zoom buttons in the upper left of the Main Map Display
  • ​There are two other ways to Zoom in:
  • Double Tap to zoom In
  • Zoom in by using a spreading motion with two fingers
  • Zoom out by using a pinching motion with two fingers

Note: The map will display the last known zoom level, even if you log out and log back in.

Menu Icon

Tap to display options for accessing search tools, notifications, settings, and other action items.

New Placemark Tool

  • Tap to display the New Place Mark dialog.
  • Use this to generate Points, Lines, and Polygons.
  • Also use this to complete eForms, take pictures, and generate sketches.

Current Location Button

  • Tap button to activate the internal location services on the tablet, and zoom to your current location.

Layer Panel Button

  • Tap to display the layer panel.
  • Use the Layer panel to show or hide specific layers.