Moving an Object on the Map

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This section covers the process of moving objects (points, lines, polygons) on the map in PointMan.


  1. From the main map display, select the object to be moved. 
    The lower menu bar displays at the bottom of the screen.  
     PointMan Move 1.png
  2. Tap Move
    NOTE: if you have the As-Built settings enabled, you will be prompted to capture the As-Built information before you can move this object.   
  3. To manually move the object to a specific point: 
    1. Tap the map at the new location.
    2. Tap Save.   
  4. To move the object to your current GPS location: 
    1. Tap GPS. A message displays: "Obtaining GPS Fix".
    2. Once object displays at your current location, tap Save.   
  5. To close the menu and return to the map screen, select Close.