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== '''Google Maps for Work Toolbar''' ==
== '''Google Maps for Work Toolbar''' ==
The&nbsp;'''Google Maps for &nbsp;Work'''&nbsp;module contains four (4) icons:&nbsp;<br/> See the Google Maps for Work topic for more details.
The&nbsp;'''Google Maps for &nbsp;Work'''&nbsp;module contains seven (7) icons:&nbsp;<br/> See the Google Maps for Work topic for more details.
[[File:TE Module Toolbars 5.png|RTENOTITLE|link=]]
[[File:GoogleMapsForWorkToolbar.png|Google Maps For Work Toolbar]]
*Google Street View  
*Google Street View  
*Google Directions  
*Google Directions  
*Google Maps Geocode  
*Google Maps Geocode  
*Google Maps Reverse&nbsp;Geocode
*Google Maps Reverse&nbsp;Geocode  
*Google Maps Elevation Profile - Draw Point
*Google Maps Elevation Profile - Draw Line
*Google Maps Elevation Profile

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This topic outlines the Module Toolbars that are available from the following Main Toolbar icons:

  • PointMan Tools
  • Operation Maintenance Tools
  • Markup Tools
  • Google Module Tools

Selecting one of the icons above opens a second set of icons (tools) used within that module (in the upper left corner of the map display).Once the module tools display, click the applicable tool to complete the function (draw a line, create a form, measure a distance, etc...).



PointMan Toolbar

The PointMan Toolbar contains three (3) icons:


  • PointMan New Mode: Create eForms, points, lines and polygons available for TransparentEarth as well as PointMan users. -
  • PointMan Selection Mode: Select a feature on the map and relate it to other features on the map. Open Details, and modify the feature.
  • View Pedigree Information: With this tool enabled, when you select a feature on the map that was created using GPS information, the Pedigree Information displays.


Operations and Maintenance Toolbar

The Operations and Maintenance toolbar contains eleven (11) icons:


  • Create Operation Maintenance Forms
  • Create Proposed Valve
  • Create Generic Point
  • Create Generic Line
  • Create Generic Rectangle
  • Create Generic Polygon
  • Create Generic Circle
  • Create Generic Corridor
  • Create Generic Comment
  • Create Pigging Report
  • Create Leak Report
  • View/Edit Forms
  • Reset Tool - (Deactivates any tool that is already selected within this toolbar)


Markup Toolbar

The Markup Toolbar contains seven (7) icons:


  • Measure Linear Distance
  • Measure Area
  • Delete Measured Line or Area
  • Draw Markup Point
  • Draw Markup Line
  • Draw Markup Polygon
  • Delete Markup


Google Maps for Work Toolbar

The Google Maps for  Work module contains seven (7) icons: 
See the Google Maps for Work topic for more details.

Google Maps For Work Toolbar

  • Google Street View
  • Google Directions
  • Google Maps Geocode
  • Google Maps Reverse Geocode
  • Google Maps Elevation Profile - Draw Point
  • Google Maps Elevation Profile - Draw Line
  • Google Maps Elevation Profile