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This section covers the PointMan menu bar. The PointMan menu will contain different features depending on whether you also have a Transparent Earth License.

Accessing the Menu

Tapping the Menu icon PointMan Menu 1.png displays a list of all available menu items:

PointMan Menu 2.png

Open Project

Tap Open Project to switch between Projects that you have created.

For Transparent Earth Users Only: Tap Open Project to switch between projects that you are assigned to.

Search Reports

Tap Search Reports to open a search query. Search for documents, reports, eForms, points, lines, polygons, and more via the dropdown filters. Select the desired record and then tap Edit to view or change the data associated with that record.


Tap Notifications to display a list of items assigned to you for your review or action.


Tap Settings to display personal preference settings as well as a configuration menu for items such as GPS, Locate Tools, RFID Readers.

Go Offline

For Transparent Earth Users Only: Tap Go Offline to work without internet connectivity. Maps, Forms, and Features are cached locally. When returning to an internet connection, Tap Go Online to resume operations seamlessly without losing any data or added information.

About PointMan

Tap About PointMan to display the version number and other details about the PointMan app installed on your tablet.


Tap Help to display the Help system.


Tap Logout to exit the current project and PointMan.