Map Services

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The Map Services Layers are not the same for all clients. However, all OWMS layers behave much the same.

Because these are web services that TransparentEarth is pulling in for display, it is possible that the layers can take extra time to display on the screen. 
Often, the layers streaming into the system are very large data sets and thus take a while to display. 


Map Services - Earthquake Notifications 

In the Map Services Layers category, you will findthe Earthquake Notifications layer.Currently, this layer displays points for all Earthquakesregistered within the last 30 days.  
Enabling the Earthquake Notifications layer displayspoints of registered earthquakes on the map.There are five (5) categories of earthquake classification:

  1. Magnitude less than or equal to 1 – blue
  2. Magnitude greater than 1 and  less than or equal to 2 – green
  3. Magnitude greater than 2 and  less than or equal to 4 – yellow
  4. Magnitude greater than 4 and  less than or equal to 5 – orange
  5. Magnitude greater than 5 - red

To view details about the earthquake:

Enable the View Attribute Information by clicking the info icon in the Main Toolbar.


Click the earthquake point. 
The Info dialog box displays applicable information.


Click the URL link to be taken to the USGS website for more details about the earthquake.


To turn off the Earthquake Notification layers, clear the check box next to the Earthquake Notifications layer title.