Main Toolbar

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The Main Toolbar at the top of the TransparentEarth window allows users access to:

Open the Layers Panel

Navigation tools

Function tools

Activate Modules


Open Layers Panel

  • Layers Panel 
    Click the Layer Panel icon to open the Layer Panel on the far right side of the TransparentEarth Screen. 
    Turn layers on or off, depending upon what you need to see on the map. 
    See the help topic: Layer Panel for more details.

Navigation Tools

  • Zoom Map Extent 
    Click the Zoom Map Extent icon to automatically zoom out to a pre-set extent.


  • Zoom In 
    Click the Zoom In icon to zoom in (closer) incrementally each time you click. The map will zoom into the center of the screen upon each click of the button.


  • Zoom Out 
    Click the Zoom Out icon to zoom out (further away) incrementally each time you click. The map will zoom away from the center of the screen upon each click of the button.


  • Zoom Previous 
    Click the Zoom Previous icon to zoom to the last extent you were viewing the map. For example, if you were viewing the full map extent, then used the Zoom Window tool to zoom into a particular area, you could click the Zoom Previous button to zoom back out to the full map extent.


  • Zoom Next 
    Click the Zoom Next icon to zoom forward (presuming that you have just zoomed in, out or previous).


  • Zoom Window 
    Click the Zoom Window icon, then click on the map and drag a square boundary around the area in which you want to zoom. Upon release, the map will center and zoom into the area that you had drawn.


  • Pan Map 
    Click the Pan Map icon. Click on the map and drag the map to the area you want to view. This tool allows you to move the map around to the desired location.


Function Tools

  • View Attribute Information 
    Click the View Attribute icon to view information for any object (point, line or polygon) you select on the map. 
    The dialog box that displays is commonly referred to as "the Info box".


  • Activate PointMan 
    Click the Activate PointMan icon to activate the PointMan tool set.
    • Create points, lines, polygons, eForms
    • Upload documents, pictures and sketches to a point
    • View Pedigree data for all features captured using GPS information
    • See the PointMan Tools section for more details


  • Activate Markup Tools 
    Click the Activate Markup Tools icon to activate the Markup Toolbar.
    • Icons in this toolbar allow users to create and measure lines and polygons, as well as create points directly on the TransparentEarth Map.
    • Features created using the Markup tools are not visible to PointMan users.
    • See the help topic: Markup Tools for more details.


  • Realtime Display 
    Click the Realtime Display icon to refresh the TransparentEarth map and enable visibility of real-time information from users gathering information using PointMan.


Activate Modules

  • Spatial Filter 
    Click the Spatial Filter icon to activate the Spatial Filter Mode. This function allows users to view information on the map by using a Spatial Query. 
    See the help topic: Spatial Filter for more details.


  • Google Maps for Work 
    Click the Activate Google Module icon to display the Google Module tools:
    • Street View and Directions (displays a new windows for use in routing).
    • Google Directions (allows user to get directions to/from specific locations on the main map).
    • Google Maps Geocode (allows users to search for a location using an address).
    • Google Maps Reverse Geocode (allows users to see an address for a specific point on the map).


  • Operation Maintenance 
    Click the Operation Maintenance icon to activate the Operation Maintenance tool bar, and to create Operation Maintenance forms. 
    See the following help topics for more information:
    • Operation Maintenance Forms - Process Guide
    • Pigging Report
    • Leak Report


  • JobBook 
    Click the JobBook icon to open the JobBook Manager dialog box. 
    The JobBook Manager allows users to upload documentation for project into a pre-defined directory structure. 
    See the help topic: JobBook for more details.