Laying Out As-Built Lines

From ProStar Geocorp


1. Login to PointMan

2. Tap the Menu

3. Tap Settings

4. Scroll down to the Map section

5. In the list of checkboxes, make sure that the "As-Built" option is checked (turned on)

6. If applicable, pair a GPS unit in the same settings page

7. Tap Close on the top right corner

8. Tap New, select the utility you want to collect, and tap OK.

9. Collect and save the line.

10. Every time you collect a new line or edit an existing line, the As-Built popup will ask you to select the Quality Level, Method, and Antenna Height

11. Once the data is collected or updated, tap details (points), or pedigree (lines) to view the As-Built settings. IMPORTANT: Verify this against the Horizontal and Vertical Accuracy to make sure the data is accurate enough to match the Quality Level.