Layer Panel

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This topic outlines the basic functions of the Layer Panel. Each client will have a unique set of layers available.

Each Transparent Earth Environment has the same:

  • Map Layers
  • Field Data Collection Layers
  • Open Web Map Services



Utilizing the Layer Panel:

  1. Display the Layer Panel by clicking the Layer Panel icon in the Main Toolbar. 
    The Layer Panel Displays along the far right of the TransparentEarth window. 
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  2. The initial Layer Panel displays icons for interacting with layers and lists all Layer Groups. The Layer Menu along the top of the Layer Panel includes 4 icons:
  • Edit User Layers - Allows users to create and edit layers
  • Refresh Active - Refresh the active layers on the map view
  • Show Filter - Apply a filter to reduce the number of displayed layers
  • Clear All - Clears all active layers from the Map View
  2. To expand a category and view all layers within that category, select the title of the category. 
  3. To turn the layer on and view that layer in the map, click the check box next to the Layer name. 

    The map will display the applicable symbology, color and layer information within the map. 
    NOTE: Some layers require you to be zoomed into a closer extent in order to see the layer. 
  4. To turn off a layer, clear the check box next to the layer name. 
  5. To clear all layers at once, click the Clear All link at the top of the Layer Panel.


Map Layers

The Map Layers in the layer panel will look like the following:

  Map Layers

The default Layer is the Google Hybrid layer.

Note: To change the map base layer, select the radio button next to the base map layer you want to see. The base map in the Main Map Display will change immediately. 

Clicking the Clear All button will return the Base Layer to the Google Hybrid option, and will clear all active layers in the map.


Map Services

The Map Services Layers are not the same for all clients. However, all OWMS layers behave much the same.

Note: Because these are web services that TransparentEarth is pulling in for display, it is possible that the layers can take extra time to display on the screen. 


Field Data Collection

The Field Data Collection layers are layers that display information as gathered from the PointMan application. 
These layers display all points, lines and polygons that have been created out in the field in the PointMan application.

The User Locations layer displays the last known location for a user at the location that user logged into PointMan.