Laser Technology 360R Integration

From ProStar Geocorp

This section covers how to connect and use a Laser Technology 360R Rangefinder with the PointMan application. 

The Locator selection drop down in the PointMan settings menu now includes "Laser Tech" as an option. This allows using the TruPulse 360R laser range finder as a locator tool.  Note, Laser distance measuring devices must have an imbedded compass for direction. The Laser Technology 200X cannot be used because of this.


TruPulse 360R Device Setup

1. Turn on the device by pressing the power button (Make sure the battery is installed).

2. In PointMan Settings, select Configure Bluetooth button.

3. Pair the device using pin 1111.

4. In PointMan settings, select the locator device name in the Device dropdown (TP360RB-...).

5. In PointMan settings, select Laser Tech as the Device Type.

6. Turn the Bluetooth protocol on

  • Hold the down arrow for 4 seconds to enter setup mode.
  • Press the down arrow until bt appears
  • Press the fire button
  • Press the down arrow until bt on appears
  • Press the fire button

7. Set the measurement mode to Slope Distance.

  • From the main screen, press the down arrow until the screen reads SD.

8. Read the device manual for further explanation.


Performing a Laser Rangefind Locate

1. Set measurement mode of the device to Slope Distance (SD) if you have not already.

2. Enter PointMan locate mode by tapping New in the upper right hand corner of the map display.

3. IMPORTANT: Place the laser device as close to the GPS antenna as possible and use the device eyepiece to locate the object or location to be measured.

4. Press Fire to locate.

5. PointMan will chirp and locate the point.


Laser Technology Rangefinder Pedigree Notes

1. The locate will place the feature point where the sighted location was recorded.

2. The pedigree Fix Type field will be updated to read "GPS + Laser" where GPS is the GPS fix type.

3. The Altitude pedigree field will be updated to the altitude of the sighted location. (calc of GPS + Laser data)

4. The horizontal accuracy pedigree field will be updated to include laser finder accuracy offsets.

5. The vertical accuracy pedigree field will be updated to include laser finder accuracy offsets.

IMPORTANT: Note the TruPulse 360 is 30 cm to 1 meter accurate for distance measurements, up to 1 degree compass direction error, up to .25 degrees incline error. These number are then calculated and combined with the gps accuracy numbers. This also means that sighted objects that are farther away have greater accuracy error numbers due to the compass and incline error modes.