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The Land module has an administration page that is created for each Land Project. This page identifies the basic details of the project and contains the default values that are to be used by other functions in the Land module to perform calculations such as the acquisition and damages budget amounts. This Administration page will generally be created and maintained by the Land Module Administrator or a designate with creation and maintenance authorization.

This work flow allows for the creation of the budget based on the preliminary route identified on the map.


Steps to Create a Preliminary Land Acquisition Project Budget 

Listed below are the steps required to create a preliminary budget for a Land Acquisition Project.

1.Launch TransparentEarth. 
TransparentEarth opens and the login screen displays.

2.Enter the User ID and Password and click Sign In
TransparentEarth opens providing the user a view of the map.

3.In the left side dashboard, click Land Projects
The Land Projects menu opens displaying the next level of menu choices.

4.Click Land Project Configuration menu item. 
The user is presented with the Land Project Configuration workbench in the bottom of the Dashboard.

5.Search for the Land Project: Enter the first few characters of the Project identifier in the Drill-Down Filter entry field. 
The Project shows in the list of available selections.

6.Select the Project and then double-click the highlighted entry. 
The user is presented the location of the project in the map display.

7.Click on the Layer Panel icon in the upper right of the map display to access the layers menu. 
The user is presented with the layers menu.

8.Select the Layers for display: Select the Preliminary TWSPreliminary ROW AcreagePreliminary Tract Pipe SegmentLand TractsProject Boundary, and Preliminary Routelayers, then click on the Layer Panel icon in the upper right to close the layer display. 
The user is able to choose and display the desired layers and close the layer menu.

9.Select the Land icon in the TransparentEarth map display header. 
The land toolset opens in the upper left of the map displaying ten icons.

10.Select the Tract Analysis & Acreage Calculator icon, and then select the Preliminary Route”(dashed white line) with the cursor. 
The user is presented with a message stating Initializing ROW & TWS Land Analysis & Calculationsand then a further message stating Land Calculations for Land Tract No. xxx Completed.

11.View the Budget Amount for a Single Parcel: Select the View/Edit Land Tract icon and then select a parcel that contains a segment of the Preliminary Route. 
The user is presented with a Land Project Tract Record dialogue box displaying various tabs that show the tract details.

12.Select the Payments tab to view the budget amounts proposed by the system as proposed payments to acquire the parcel. 
The user is presented with the Tract Acquisitions Calculations & Costs payment items listed by category and by scrolling down have view access to the other payment items such as Tract Damage Calculation & Costs and any other payment items that may or may not be identified yet.

13.Use the scroll bar on the right side to view all the budget amounts proposed by the system. 
The user is presented with the proposed payment budget amounts be category and item detail.

14.Click the Close button. 
The user is returned to the map display.   

Steps to Generate a Project Status Report

1.In the left-side dashboard, click Land Projects, then click Land Reports & Analytics
The user is presented with the Land Project Status Report screen (the system will default to the last project that the user viewed).

2.Select the Project that you want to generate the report for and click on the View button to generate the report. 
The user is able to change the project and view the report.

3.The user is able to Export the Status Report via CSV and PDF formats, and can filter projects based on the three check boxes at the top of the window.

4.Close the Land Reports & Analytics report by selecting the Close button. 
The user is returned to the Map Display and Dashboard.