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The Land Module has a function that allows the user the capability to manage the various Survey Consent, Easement, Temporary Workspace, and other document templates. This procedure outlines how to manage these templates.


Steps to Complete a Project Administration Page

Listed below are the steps used to manage document templates.

  1. Launch TransparentEarth. 
    TransparentEarth launches and the login screen appears.  
  2. Enter the User ID and Password and then click Sign In
    TransparentEarth opens providing the user a view of the map.
  3. Select the Land Projects menu item in the dashboard on the left of the screen. 
    The menu opens allowing the user to view the available choices.
  4. Select the Document Templates menu item. 
    The user is presented with the Document Template workbench showing the available templates.  
  5. To add a New Template, select New. 
    The user is presented with a dialogue box providing Browse capability.
  6. Select the Browse button to navigate to the location of the template.
  7. Select the desired template and click the Open button. 
    The user is presented with a New Document Template dialogue box.
  8. Review the file name (it can be revised if desired) and select the OK button. 
    The template is uploaded and available for use.
  9. Ensure that the file is uploaded and click the Close button. 
    The template is loaded and the user is able to exit the Document Template workbench.