Land - Land Document Template Creation

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The Land Module has a function that allows the user the capability to create and manage the various Survey Consent, Easement, Temporary Workspace, and other document templates. This procedure outlines how to create these templates.


Steps to Create Document Template

Listed below are the steps used to manage document templates.

1.Launch TransparentEarth. 
TransparentEarth launches and the login screen appears.  

2.Enter the User ID and Password and then click Sign In
TransparentEarth opens providing the user a view of the map.

3.Open the word document that is to be used for the desired template.

4.View the fields in the document and identify which are to be auto-populated.


  5.In the Layer panel, make sure the Parcel layer is turned on so that you can view it and click it.

6.Click the Land module icon in the tool bar to open the Land Module toolkit, select the View/Edit Land Tract tool, and select a parcel on the map.


7.Select the field that you wish to use to auto-populate the document and right-click.


8.Select Inspect.


9.Select the field id value and select Copy  (select ‘x’ to back out of this view).


10.Paste the field value into the word document template in the desired location.


11.Enclose the copied field name in square brackets.


12.Repeat Steps 6 to 11 for each field to be auto-populated in the document.


13.Save the document and update the template folder by uploading the new document (Land Document Template Management)