Land - Land Acquisition Document Template Creation

From ProStar Geocorp

The Land Module has a function that allows the user the capability to generate Survey Consent, Easement, Temporary Workspace, and other documents and have them automatically populated with certain field values base on the parcel/stakeholder information. This procedure outlines how to perform the generation function for a typical document.


Steps to Complete a Project Administration Page

Listed below are the steps required to generate a document from a template and complete it so that it is ready for stakeholder review and signature.

  1. Launch TransparentEarth. 
    TransparentEarth launches and the login screen appears.  
  2. Enter the User ID and Password and then click Sign In
    TransparentEarth opens providing the user a view of the map.
  3. Select the Land Projects menu item in the dashboard on the left of the screen. 
    The menu opens allowing the user to view the available choices.
  4. Select the Land Project Configuration menu item. 
    The user is presented with the Land Project Configuration workbench in the lower left of the dashboard.
  5. Select the Project and double-click it. 
    The project appears in the map display.
  6. Select the Zoom icon and zoom into the project location that you are working on. 
    The user is presented with the desired map view.
  7. Click the Land Module icon. 
    The user is presented with the Land Module toolkit in the left side of the map.
  8. Select the View Attribute Information icon. 
    The icon turns blue to show that it is active.
  9. Access the Parcel information. Click inside the bounds of the subject parcel to access the stakeholder and parcel details. 
    The user is presented with the parcel and stakeholder information
  10. Scroll down in the dialogue box to view and confirm the stakeholder and other information and then close the dialogue box 
    The user is able to confirm that the correct parcel/stakeholder is selected.
  11. Select the View/Edit Land Tract icon in the toolkit. 
    The selected tool is no longer dimmed
  12. Select the parcel in the map by left-clicking anywhere within the bounds of the parcel. 
    The user is presented with the Land Project Tract Record workbench.
  13. Select the Docs tab. 
    The user is presented with access to the documents screen.
  14. Select the Attach Doc button. 
    The system downloads and presents the list of available document templates.
  15. Select the desired template and click the OK button. 
    The system downloads and presents the document to the user.
  16. Complete the document and review for completeness and accuracy, then click the OK button. 
    The user is able to complete the document, make any corrections, and upload the document into the tract record.
  17. Select the Save button.
  18. Click the Yes button. 
    The system returns the user to the Land Project Tract Record workbench and shows the attached document.
  19. Select the Close button. 
    The user is returned to the map view.