Land - Funds Requests Approval Process

From ProStar Geocorp

The Land Agent creates and submits the Fund Request Worksheet to the Enbridge Representative that will be approving the release of the funds. The Funds Request is reviewed and approved by the Representative who then notifies the Land Agent via the “Notify” function in the Fund Request Worksheet.


Steps to Approve a Fund Request

Listed below are the steps required to approve a Fund Request and notify the Land Agent.

  1. Launch TransparentEarth. 
    TransparentEarth launches and the login screen appears.  
  2. Enter the User ID and Password and then click Sign In
    TransparentEarth opens providing the user a view of the map.
  3. Select the Land Projects menu item in the dashboard on the left of the screen. 
    The menu opens allowing the user to view the available choices.
  4. Select the Acquisition Fund Requests menu item. 
    The user is presented with the Fund Request workbench in the lower left of the dashboard.
  5. Enter the Fund Request Number in the Drill-Down Filter field, then select the resultant record, and click the Edit Existing Fund Request button. 
    The user is presented with the Fund Request worksheet in the center of the map display.
  6. Review the first page of the Fund Request and use the scroll bar on the right side to access the Tract Calculations portion of the screen. 
    The user is able to review the Tract Calculations portion of the request.
  7. Review the tract calculations and use the scroll bar on bottom and the right side to access the remaining items in the display. 
    The user is presented with access to the rest of the screen.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the screen, select the Funds Approved check box, select the Date using the calendar, and enter your name. 
    The user that is assigned as the Representative is able to approve the request.
  9. Send the Approval Notification to the Land Agent: After approving the request, click on the Notify Agent button (not yet active) and click the Save button. 
    The user is presented with a message stating Update Land Request Funds Acquisition Worksheet.
  10. Confirm the update by selecting the Yes button. 
    The user is presented with a message stating Update Successful.
  11. Select the OK button to close the message dialog box. 
    The user is returned to the worksheet screen.
  12. Select the Close button to exit the worksheet. 
    The user is returned to the map view.