Land - Funds Request for Landowner Payments

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The Land Module has an administration page that is created for each Land Project. This page identifies the basic details of the project and contains the default values that are to be used by other functions in the Land Module to perform calculations such as the acquisition and damages budget amounts.  This Administration Page will generally be created and maintained by the Land Module Administrator or a designate with creation and maintenance authorization. The Land Module Administrator will assign a Land Company or Companies to the project. Each Land Company will assign Land Agents to the project. Each Land Agent will be able to create and submit the Fund Request Worksheet to the Enbridge Representative that will be approving the release of the funds.


Steps to Complete a Fund Request

Listed below are the steps required to create and complete a Fund Request.

  1. Launch TransparentEarth. 
    TransparentEarth launches and the login screen appears.  
  2. Enter the User ID and Password and then click Sign In
    TransparentEarth opens providing the user a view of the map.
  3. Select the Land Projects menu item in the dashboard on the left of the screen. 
    The menu opens allowing the user to view the available choices.
  4. Select the Create Fund Request Worksheet menu item. 
    The user is presented with the Fund Requests Assignment workbench in the lower left of the dashboard.
  5. Make the desired ProjectFunds TypeTract Range or Spreads selections and click the Search button. 
    The user is presented with a list of results.
  6. Use the scroll bar on the right side to access the other items in the display. 
    The user is presented with access to the rest of the screen.
  7. Select the tracts, scroll to the bottom of the screen. 
    The user is presented with more input fields.
  8. After completing the selection of the tracts, click the Generate Funds Request Form button. 
    The user is presented with the Funds Request worksheet.
  9. Complete the entries in the first screen and click below the scroll bar in the right side to access the next entry fields. 
    The user is presented with more input fields.
  10. Complete the entries and click the Submit button to send the request to the Enbridge Representative.
  11. Complete the entries and select the Save button. 
    The user is presented with a message stating Update Land Request Funds Acquisition Worksheet.
  12. Confirm the project creation by selecting the Yes button. 
    The user is presented with a message stating Updated Successfully.
  13. Select the OK button to close the Updated Successfully message. 
    The user is returned to the worksheet screen.
  14. Select the Close button to exit the Funds Request worksheet. 
    The user is return to the map view.