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This section covers how to import KML files from your mobile device into PointMan. Note: A KML is an unzipped KMZ file. If you have a KMZ, you can unzip it and you will have a KML file to use. Importing KML files into PointMan will upload them as a layer and can be viewed from the layer panel.

IMPORTANT: This feature is currently only enabled on local accounts. Enterprise users click here


1. Download the desired KML file to your mobile device. This can usually be found in My Files (app) -> Internal Storage -> Download.

2. Login to PointMan using your credentials

3. Tap the Layer Panel PointMan Layers 1.png button on the bottom left corner of the map display

4. Tap Edit on the top of the Layer Panel
Edit 1.png

5. Tap New

6. Fill in Layer Name and Folder. Folder is the layer group and the layer will show underneath it on the layer panel so choose a name that best fits the uploaded KML file. Choose a color style and set any of the desired checkbox options
Edit 2.png

7. Tap Browse, navigate to the folder where the KML file is stored (most likely in My Files -> Internal Storage -> Download) and then tap OK
Edit 3.png

8. Tap OK again to save the uploaded file. The map will reload.

9. Tap the Layer Panel button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and then tap the checkbox to enable your KML file layer. Note the color matches the selection you chose during upload.