Inspectors Daily Report eForm

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This section covers the Inspectors Daily Report eForm in PointMan. Note: This eForm is not available in PointMan local by default, but can be added if needed for your workflow


  1. Launch and log into PointMan 
    The PointMan app launches, user can log in and can see the map view
  2. Click the New button. 
    New Place Mark dialog box displays.
  3. Select:
    1. System = Form
    2. Component = Document
  4. Click OK
    A list of eForms displays.
  5. Select Inspectors Daily Report, and then click OK
    The eForm selected will display.
  6. Fill out the eForm, click Close, then click Save
    The eForm closes and a new point is placed on the map view. 
    The map view will display a menu at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Click Close to close the menu. 
    The menu will close.
  8. To edit the saved eForm in PM: Select the point on the map. 
    The eForm Details screen displays.
  9. Click the Edit button. 
    The eForm details screen displays.
  10. Click the pdf link. 
    The eForm opens and is available for editing.
  11. Edit the pdf form, click Close then Save, then Close
    The eForm is saved and closed and the user is returned to the map view.
  12. View and edit the eForm in TransparentEarth: Log into TransparentEarth
    Transparent Earth launches and allows you to search for and select a specific eForm.
  13. Select Inspections
    A drop-down list displays the type/title of eForms available to search.
  14. Select Inspectors Daily Report. 
    Opens the Search area at the bottom of the dashboard, with the type/title of the eForm to search for.
  15. Scroll down to the search area (bottom of dashboard) and click Search
    All Inspectors Daily Report eForms for that type/title displays in the Results list.
  16. From the Results list, select the line item for the eForm you want to see.
  17. Click the MapIt button. (Alternatively, double-click the line item) 
    Identifies the point on the Map that is associated with the eForm.
  18. Go to the map, click the point on the map. 
    An info box displays with details of the eForm.
  19. Scroll to the bottom of the info box. 
    User can view all details of the eForm, and a View eForm link displays at the bottom of the box.
  20. Click View eForm
    A browser window opens with the PDF displayed.
  21. Click Edit and edit the form as necessary. 
    PDF allows user to edit the PDF as necessary.
  22. Click Save PDF
    Closes and returns the user to the Map view.